How to tell your partner you’re pregnant

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One day soon, you could have an opportunity to surprise your partner with some really big news. How are you going to tell them that there’s a baby on the way?! Here’s a few ideas and some thoughts to consider.

If you want to surprise your partner, the biggest question to ask yourself is “what atmosphere would they most enjoy getting this news?” Are they a private person, who would prefer an intimate moment, or a total extrovert who would love being surrounded by their friends when they find out? Here’s some advice and a few fun ideas:


Maybe your partner is the type who likes the feeling of a stranger’s applause. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little attention. Here’s how you could make the big reveal:

  • Starbucks cup: Order some coffee, and for the name on your partner’s drink, tell them to write “Dad” or “Mom”. When they call out “double espresso for Dad,” your partner will lose it!
  • Special delivery: Book a table at your favorite restaurant and have the waitstaff bring your partner’s drink out in a baby bottle.
  • Baby food in a basket: Take your partner on a picnic, and put some baby food on their plate, or let them find a jar of it in the basket, maybe with a positive pregnancy test tied on.

In front of friends

If you’ve made your friends and family a part of your TTC journey, they might be just as excited by the news as your partner will be. If you think the announcement should feel like a party, then why not make it one?

  • The “surprise guest”: Throw a surprise party for a special guest of honor. Tell everyone they’re about to arrive, then re-enter the room apologizing that they’ll have to wait 9 more months!
  • What’re you drinking?: Take your partner out to a bar or favorite hangout spot with some friends. Make a big deal about asking what kinds of “mocktails” they serve, and enjoy explaining why you can’t drink.
  • Today’s order of business: If your partner has made their work a huge part of their lives, consider making the announcement in front of their coworkers. Get the go-ahead to interrupt a regular meeting, or slip a special slide into someone’s presentation.


This is a really special moment, and maybe something you’ll want to share just between you and your partner. If you want to keep things quiet and intimate, here’s how:

  • Belly note: Use a marker or maybe some lipstick to write a quick note on your belly. Something like “baby on board” that your partner will see while you get ready for bed.
  • Bun in the oven: This one is classic. Put a loaf of bread, or a hamburger bun in the oven and tell your partner to go take a look. Watch their face as confusion changes to joy.
  • A gift: You can give your partner a wrapped present with a note or positive pregnancy test. This is particularly sneaky if done on a holiday when they’d ordinarily get a wrapped gift.
  • A proposal: Present a ring-box like a wedding proposal, but inside place an ultrasound photo or maybe even a pacifier. “Will you be this baby’s parent?”

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