The future of crib mattresses

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Just to tempur your expectations, we’re not about to announce that the crib mattresses of the future will be self-cleaning or move about like magic carpets. The big announcement is that the future of crib mattresses is here.

Our partners at Tempur-Pedic released the crib mattress they’ve been engineering to create perfect comfort and support for infants and toddlers: the TEMPUR-Dream™ Baby Crib Mattress. It’s the world’s most advanced baby crib mattress. Engineered to support babies and respond to their movement safely, this futuristic mattress has been years in the making.

Two covers to make sure you’re covered

The primary cover is the CozyFresh™ cover. Made of plush and silky-smooth breathable knit fabric, this cover feels luxurious against babies’ gentle skin. It’s 100% waterproof, and has 360° zippers that allow the top and bottom to be washed separately for easy cleaning.

The second cover is a fully lined, waterproof allergy barrier that can be used safely while the CozyFresh™ cover is in the wash. With two covers, you’ll never be unprepared for a surprise nap on laundry day. No other crib mattress offers these two distinct covers.

Exclusive TEMPUR-Response® memory foam

This type of memory foam was designed and engineered not only to respond to babies’ movement safely, but to provide personalized support and comfort for growing little ones through the toddler years. This material is only used in this crib mattress—so it’s different from the adult Tempur-Pedic mattresses. It never heats up and sinks to an unsafe level so you can rest assured this memory foam is truly one-of-a-kind.

TEMPUR® material has been used by many hospitals in the NICU to help cradle premature newborns in incubators because it’s supportive and the material is gentle on babies.


Only the safest materials are used in a Tempur-Pedic baby mattress to help create a healthy sleep environment. It passes strict chemical and air quality tests including GREENGUARD GOLD, CertiPUR-US Certification, Chemicals of High Concern to Children, Prop 65, CPSIA regulations, and voluntary ASTM crib mattress standards.

The TEMPUR-Dream™ Baby Crib Mattress is a 2-stage mattress with an ultra-firm side for infants and a softer side for toddlers. The allergy barrier is tagged so you always know which side is which. Its air quality and airflow chambers are tested to ensure the right amount of firmness and density. The lasting durability and 2-stage firmness make it an investment mattress that can support your baby well into the future.

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