Ways to save time feeding your baby that you’ll swear by in a few months

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Babies are famous for their three favorite activities: eating, sleeping, and dirtying diapers. While they can sleep and poop on their own, feeding is a two-person operation right now. These feeding-time savers help you feed faster, so you two can get back to everything else you need to do.

Condense the steps

If you’re familiar with what it takes to make a formula bottle, you know that it generally involves mixing water and formula together, then heating it up in a warmer which can take a painfully long 3-5 minutes especially when your baby is hungry, testing it on your wrist to make sure it’s the right temperature, and finally feeding your baby.

You have a lot going on, so we’re happy to tell you that preparing a meal for your baby can be done in an instant. With the Baby Brezza® Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser, you can do all of this automatically. The Formula Pro Advanced automatically makes a warm formula bottle using patented technology to mix formula and water to the perfect consistency. You can even customize the bottle for your baby, as it works with all brands of formula and bottles.

Let the machines take over

You can’t compromise on safety when it comes to feeding your baby, so sterilizing is a must. The traditional method of boiling your baby’s bottles, then letting them air dry completely is viable, but it takes a lot of your valuable time.

This is where a dual sterilizer dryer comes in. The One Step™ Baby Bottle Sterilizer automatically sterilizes and dries bottles, pump parts, and accessories, which saves you valuable time and effort compared to manual sterilizing and air drying. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a non-sterile drying rack getting your freshly sterilized bottles dirty again.

Opt for shorter wait times

If you had the option to choose to wait four or more minutes to warm a formula bottle or have it ready instantly, which would you choose? If the answer is the latter, the Baby Brezza® Instant Warmer is for you! It dispenses warm water on demand 24/7 so you can make a warm formula bottle instantly at one of three temperatures.

Miniature meal prep at the push of a button

Homemade baby food sounds like something an influencer would claim to swear by, but the average person would have absolutely no time to make. We’re here to deliver the great news that baby food is not only healthier, tastier, and better for baby development, but it’s also easy to make and a lot less expensive than you think if you have the right tools.

The Baby Brezza® One Step Food Maker Deluxe automatically steams and blends homemade baby food with the push of just one button. Just put fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, or meat in the 3.5 cup bowl, push the button, and get a delicious puree or mash in as little as 10 minutes. It’s possible to save hundred of dollars by making your own baby food instead of buying store-bought baby food.

Because Baby Brezza® products use fewer parts, require less effort, and make clean-up a breeze, they make feeding and nurturing your baby easier and simpler. You’ll be able to save up to 30 minutes per day feeding your baby. What will you do with the extra time? Tap below to learn more time-saving tips and save 15% on Baby Brezza® products.

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