6 good reasons to use a nursing pillow

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Those first few weeks of breastfeeding can be tough on a mom, but you’ll persevere. Here are a few ways having an Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow handy can help make all the difference.

  1. Less stress: With how frequently you’ll need to breastfeed, your arms are likely to get tired. By using a nursing pillow, you won’t have as many potential issues constantly supporting your baby’s head and body while they feed.
  2. Great for digestion: Our partners at Ergobaby have recently introduced their Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow which is designed to keep your baby’s head elevated while feeding. By laying in this slightly tilted position, your baby is less likely to experience indigestion, or the symptoms of colic.
  3. Better for your back: A nursing pillow will keep your baby at a more comfortable height for feeding. A lot of moms find themselves bending over to help their baby get a good latch, and that can cause some major pains.
  4. Latch assist: Some babies have an easier time finding a good latch when they’re laying on an Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow. It’s also a lot easier to keep your baby steady, so they aren’t as likely to detach, and the curved design prevents baby from rolling away when you’re giving your arms a rest.
  5. Built to last: A firm pillow will maintain its shape, even after months of feeding. The Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow is designed so that it won’t deflate or lose it’s fluff. You can use an Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow to feed your baby for a full year, then your baby’s (future) siblings, then have it as a functional curved pillow once your children are no longer nursing.
  6. Win at weaning: Just because you begin to bottle feed doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your nursing pillow. In fact, it can help with weaning a baby off the breast. It’s a familiar feeding position, a healthy one, and bottle feeding a baby on a nursing pillow is still a more comfortable option for you or your partner.

In your hunt for the perfect nursing pillow, consider the Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow. It’s a firm pillow that provides you and your baby comfortable support without deflating or losing its shape. The machine washable cover is plush and soft, and the interior lining protects against spills.

You can save $10% on an Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow when you use the code OVIA. Tap the button below to purchase your nursing pillow developed in partnership with lactation experts and a whole lot of nursing moms.

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