4 intimate ways to improve fertility

For many couples, boosting fertility means diets, supplements, and possibly expensive procedures. But what ever happened to the fun part of TTC? What happened to the sex? It’s time to get it back.

Here are some intimate ways you can address possible fertility pitfalls.

1. Semen friendly lubricant

Many lubricants disrupt sperm’s ability to reach your egg, or destroy the sperm outright. Check that you are using a lubricant specifically designed to be good for sperm.

If lubricant isn’t a part of your regular sex, you might be surprised what it can do for your shared intimacy. Oftentimes, it could make sex more enjoyable for both partners, and there’s no shame in using something that makes sex feel even better.

2. The Stork OTC

Have you seen The Stork OTC? It’s pretty great. What you get with The Stork OTC is a scientifically proven method that doesn’t put sex to the side. The Stork OTC uses a method referred to as cervical cap insemination. It essentially places your partners sperm right at the opening of your cervix, and keeps it there longer, helping his swimmers to reach your egg.

What we really like is that you use The Stork OTC in your home, and the first step in the process is sex. Not all reproductive aids need to be clinical.

3. Couples yoga

Exercise is a key fertility booster. It’s easier to maintain an exercise routine when you have a workout partner, and yoga is a particularly good exercise for intimacy. It’s calming, but also releases endorphins, and good for weight loss and flexibility. Also, some of the positions are rather sensual and the clothing can be a bit scandalous.

Throw on some tight yoga pants and pull out your mat. And who knows? You might just use that mat for more than yoga.

4. Anticipation

Couples struggling with fertility can learn to dread the fertile window. Sex becomes a chore. You have to perform the baby dance, even if you don’t like the music that’s playing.

If sex is going to be an event, why not make it a positive one? In the days leading up to your fertile window, get flirty. Try foreplay but no sex. Tell your partner some of the moves you’re looking forward to. You’ll build excitement for the big dance, instead of feeling obligated to get out on the floor.

Finding the right fertility solution is always a bit of a journey. We hope you continue to find ways to enjoy the trip. For a limited time, you can buy 1 get 1 for 50% off with code STORKOTC when you shop online at CVS, just use the button below!

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