What should healthy newborn sleep look like?

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You’ll put your newborn down to sleep in a bare crib, on their back, in a temperature regulated room. When? Whenever baby feels like it. Time to get ready for the wild world or newborn sleep!

It’s not on a schedule

Your newborn will likely have an erratic sleep schedule, and that’s perfectly normal. Babies aren’t born with circadian rhythms, meaning they don’t have an internal clock. A newborn doesn’t know the difference between daytime and nighttime and their body is still learning how to get into and out of deep sleep.

Trying to sleep train a newborn is like fighting a losing battle, and in some cases can actually be bad for their health. It’s a good idea to wait until your baby is at least four months old before experimenting with any kind of sleep training.

Baby isn’t overstimulated

Your baby’s brain will take years to fully develop, and in those earliest weeks and months, baby is constantly learning. Faces, voices – even the sound of an air conditioner turning on are all new and exciting bits of information for a baby’s brain.

If you want to help foster healthy newborn sleep, try minimizing these distractions, maybe with a noise machine or blackout curtains.

For a baby, even their own body can be fascinating and feed that constant desire to explore and learn. Swaddling is the practice of comfortably wrapping your baby so they can put their full attention on getting rest. If you aren’t familiar with swaddling, you should really consider a swaddling blanket like the Just Born Deluxe Swaddle®, which is designed to help you easily and safely swaddle your baby.

The crib looks pretty bare

A newborn’s crib shouldn’t have anything in it other than your baby and a fitted sheet. While it might not look comfortable to you, a bare crib is perfect for a baby.

For some parents, the sight of baby sleeping in a crib devoid of anything snuggly or cozy can be a little sad. How is baby supposed to get comfortable?! Our partners at Just Born have a safe alternative to loose blankets in the crib called the Wear-a-Blanket®, and it’s pretty adorable.

The Wear-a-Blanket® is a uniquely designed sleepwear that zips up for easy late-night changes, has a roomy leg pocket for hip-healthy development, and has tummy wraps that act as a natural colic remedy.

It’s well-regulated

Just because your baby’s sleep schedule is going to be all over the place, doesn’t mean you can’t help your baby regulate their body. Try getting in the practice of laying baby down as the sun dips, with fading natural light in their room, and waking baby as the sun comes up. This can start to train those important circadian rhythms.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on temperature, as a newborn simply isn’t able to properly regulate their own body heat. Pay close attention to your thermostat, and the temperature around your baby’s crib when you’re doing those late-night feedings. Both the Deluxe Swaddle® and the Wear-a-Blanket® from Just Born have special mesh vents that help keep your baby cool and dry throughout the night.

You can help your baby get a better night’s sleep with the Well Sleep Collection by Just Born. When baby sleeps better, you sleep better. Take a closer look at some of the unique designs by tapping the button below.

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