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While you’re making your registry and doing pre-baby shopping, it’s hard to know what’s essential, what you really won’t need, what you can wait to get, and what you can’t live without. Here’s a list of items that you can start putting to good use right away, even while you’re still waiting on baby’s arrival.

A rocking chair or glider

Great for comforting your baby, and helping them to relax. Also great for comforting mom, and helping her relax. If you think you’ll be getting a rocking chair, there’s no need to wait.

Nursing bras

It should come as no surprise that most nursing bras have all the same benefits of a maternity bra, but with even more features. When looking at maternity bras, consider nursing bras instead. Just because you aren’t nursing yet doesn’t mean one wouldn’t be a useful and comfortable addition to your wardrobe.

Mom shoes

Comfortable, flexible, walkable shoes. Why would you wait to buy these? You know you’ll need them, and you probably already know the pair you want. They’re everything that’s great about yoga pants, but they go on your feet, so…why not get them now?

Keepsake box

Even if you’re not the scrapbooking type, there are probably a few things you’ll want to hold onto once baby arrives. The wristband from the hospital, that first pair of baby shoes – knick-knacks that represent simple, beautiful memories. Consider starting now – you’ll thank yourself in a year when you get to relive all of the wonderful parts of your pregnancy.

Blackout curtains

If you’ll be installing blackout curtains in your nursery, you might want to consider some extras for your own bedroom. When baby is here, you’ll want to grab all the sleep you can, and blackout curtains can help with those mid-day naps. Napping while pregnant? Yeah, that’s definitely a thing, too.

A sound machine

When placed between baby and the source of most noise, a well-designed sound machine will help mask everyday noises and promote more restful sleep cycles, so you can get on with your day (or night) and not worry about every little sound startling your newborn.

And sound machines are good for your room, too, even before baby arrives! Getting a deeper sleep (between those late night trips to the bathroom) will make the slumber you do get a lot better. It’s even good for waking hours: white noise can help with concentration, whether you’re working from home or just trying to get stuff done. It’s also highly portable, meaning you can take that soothing sound with you anywhere. Visiting family? Staying at a hotel for a getaway? You’ll be way more comfortable with a white noise machine, and your baby will be, too.

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