What to look for in a disposable diaper

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You’re a savvy consumer who isn’t simply going to end up with whichever diaper is cheapest. You’ll do a little research, you’ll try a couple of brands, and you’ll take into account the most important diaper features when making your decision – features like these.

Fits well

The ideal diaper is one that contains leaks, while still allowing your baby freedom of movement. The diaper should have a soft enough construction that it can flex and pull. A comfortable fit is important because it prevents irritation from rubbing against a too-tight or too-rigid diaper, and can help the healthy development of your baby’s joints.

You can think of diaper fit like a good pair of jeans – you’ve got to find the brand and style that works for your body type, or in this case, the body of your newborn. Make sure you’re buying the right size for your newborn, and consider trying a couple of brands before you fully commit to buying in bulk.

Sustainably made

If you decide to use disposable diapers, you’ll use several thousand before your baby is finally potty-trained. That is a lot of waste to make. Most of the environmental impact caused by disposable diapers is actually from the manufacturing process. It takes a lot of trees and petroleum to make the millions of diapers Americans use every year.

Our partners at Bambo Nature Diapers have been recognized for their commitment to using sustainably-forested materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. They’re one of the few diaper brands that has been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco-label, which we will just say is a really big deal.


Other than ingredients, the best way to prevent diaper rash is to keep baby’s skin dry. Most disposable diapers are highly absorbent and good at containing moisture, but not all of them are breathable.

A breathable diaper will allow fresh air to flow across your baby’s skin, which prevents the growth of bacteria (a cause of persistent diaper rash). The most common breathable materials are natural fibers like cotton, so keep an eye out for green diapers.

What’s in it

Your baby will spend most of their time with a diaper wrapped around their most sensitive areas. Because of this almost constant contact with the materials in a diaper, it’s important that they’re free of any ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction.

If you’re even a little concerned about it, we recommend you pick up Bambo Nature Diapers, which are the only diaper certified and guaranteed to be free of dangerous materials and all known allergens. Your baby’s skin will stay happy, and be a lot less likely to develop diaper rash when wrapped in a Bambo Nature Diapers.

In your search for a well-fitting diaper that breathes, made from materials you can trust from a company that cares about the environment, look no further than Bambo Nature Diapers. Tap the button below to pick up a few of their newborn size diapers, or add a pack to your registry, and see for yourself the difference a quality disposable diaper can make.

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