Diapers: By the numbers

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You can’t beat back the oncoming tide of diapers – you’ve got to learn to ride the wave. Hop aboard as we take a tour of the most surprising numbers concerning all things diapers.


  • 35%: The estimated number of infants who will suffer from diaper rash at some point in their childhood
  • $750: How much the average family spends on diapers in a year
  • 3,000: The number of disposable diapers you’ll be buying in the first year
  • 800: Some disposable diapers contain compounds called “super absorbers” that are able to hold 800 times their weight in water.


  • 3 billion: The number of disposable diapers (or nappies) thrown away by the United Kingdom annually
  • 27 billion: The number of disposable diapers thrown away by the United States annually
  • 4%: Disposable diapers represent 4% of all solid waste in US landfills
  • 3.6 million: All those diapers in landfills add up to weighing around 3.6 million pounds


  • 85%: A lot of diapers get thrown away, but 85% of the environmental impact from disposable diapers actually comes from the manufacturing process
  • 300: The number of pounds of wood used to make diapers for one baby for one year
  • 500: The approximate number of years it takes for a disposable diaper to biodegrade (we’ll know for sure in a few hundred years)
  • 200,000: The approximate number of trees cut down to make the diapers used by US babies annually

Bambo Nature Diapers:

  • 80%: Bambo Nature diapers are made with 80% biodegradable materials, which means they won’t last nearly as long in landfills
  • 85%: Bambo Nature diapers are 85% compostable
  • 95%: Nearly all of the production waste resulting from the manufacture of Bambo Nature diapers is recycled, and their inner fluff is made using sustainably sourced timber
  • 100%: Bambo Nature diapers are 100% breathable, which helps keep your baby’s skin dry and prevent diaper rash
  • 1: Bambo Nature is the only diaper guaranteed and certified to be free of dangerous chemicals and all known allergens

If you’re looking for a quality disposable diaper that will won’t cause irritation, stops leaks, and is designed to have as little environmental impact as possible, then Bambo Nature Diapers are for you. With Bambo Nature Diapers, you’re doing something good for your baby, and good for our world.

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