Mother’s Day this year: It’s complicated

For many, Mother’s Day is a joyful time to celebrate moms and everything they do for their families. It’s often a time to reflect on what motherhood means to us, spend quality time with our children and families, honor our mothers or the maternal figures in our lives, and soak in a holiday that celebrates our membership in one pretty incredible club. But there’s a good chance that this year many of us won’t be able to participate in our usual Mother’s Day traditions, or just won’t feel especially celebratory.  

Even in a normal year, the day can also be a reminder of loss, pain, or what’s lacking. And this is not a normal year. The pandemic has added additional layers of hardship and has impacted all of us, some in incredibly heartbreaking ways. It’s an understatement to call these “challenging times.” We know this Mother’s Day feels different. 

If you happen to be in the mood for reflecting or celebrating, there is, of course, much to be thankful for. This moment has made many of us appreciate certain parts of our lives — like health and home, safety and security — in ways that we hadn’t prior. But if it’s hard to feel grateful, you don’t need to feel grateful. However this pandemic has personally affected you, your feelings are legitimate. All of this is new, and there’s no one right way to feel or act.

So we’re also hoping that you spend the day however you want to, finding small joys where you can, and allowing yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. We’ll be doing the same. As much as we’re separated during these times, we’re in this together.

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