My childbirth education classes were canceled—now what?

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We’re all in completely new territory, with social distancing guidelines clearing scheduled events and keeping us at home. For moms-to-be who may already be navigating anxieties about the future, these added layers of uncertainty can feel overwhelming. However, while the need for reduced contact may mean in-person childbirth classes no longer an option, it does not have to mean forgoing top-quality education or feeling unprepared.

From creating a birth plan to experimenting with relaxation techniques, it’s never too early to start learning from home. But with so much information out there, it’s easy to lose yourself down a search engine rabbit hole and end up even more overwhelmed than before. That’s why it’s important to seek out experts from trusted sources, such as Pampers’ nine-part online childbirth education series. Newly launched in order to make sure every expecting parent has access to the information and support tools they need, this free video series is led by two clinical childbirth experts and covers the complete journey from contractions to breastfeeding.

Preparing for labor

What should I be eating? Should I be doing specific exercises? So many questions arise during pregnancy. While the correct choices for every mother-to-be will be unique, turning to the experts can help you make the decisions that are best for you. An online course can guide you through everything from easing common pregnancy discomforts to developing mental strategies that help you feel calm and manage fear.

Navigating your baby’s birth

Both having a plan and being prepared to pivot can feel incredibly reassuring as your baby’s birth draws near. Understanding how each stage of labor looks and feels can help you feel more confident and use the tools you’ve learned at the appropriate times. Your childbirth education classes are meant to help you understand the entire process from pre-labor signs through the moment you’re ready to push. You’ll learn tips such as breathing techniques, labor positions, and how your chosen support person can help. Just keep in mind that your baby’s birth will unfold in its own way, often not according to your plans. But arming yourself with knowledge can help minimize surprises.

A beautiful beginning

Your baby’s arrival is only the beginning of a rush of feelings and activity. Understanding exactly what will happen in the delivery room immediately after birth is an important part of preparation. A good childbirth education class will cover the post-delivery experience, from newborn procedures to meeting your baby and your first feeding. You’ll want to learn the basics of breastfeeding and formulas, soothing and sleeping, along with general safety tips for bringing home your baby for the first time. There will be plenty of support surrounding you, but feeling prepared can help you fully focus on each incredible moment.

There’s a lot to learn, but an experienced childbirth education expert will cover the important points you need to know in a way that feels practical and digestible. While you may have been looking forward to an in-person experience, rest assured that you can learn everything you need to know from home. Pampers’ newly launched online Childbirth Education Classes offer a comprehensive at-home substitute. You’ll have access to insights from two registered nurses and experts in the field along with the real-life experiences of five moms-to-be, much as you’d encounter in a live class. Sign up now to watch the complete nine-part video series for free.

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