How to ease the most common pregnancy woes naturally

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Pregnancy can be both beautiful and unpredictable. You may find yourself alternating between waves of happiness and nausea or feeling fatigued all day then restless at night. At a time when there is so much to be joyful about, it’s frustrating when discomfort takes center stage. These simple tips can help you ease the most common pregnancy symptoms naturally and feel your best inside and out.

Tame tummy troubles

Hormonal changes throughout pregnancy can cause your digestive system to slow down, leading to unpleasant, but normal symptoms like constipation, bloating, and gas. To keep things moving smoothly, be sure to drink plenty of water, move your body, and fill up on fiber. To ensure you’re getting enough, a fiber supplement can help. Mommy’s Bliss, a range of pre- and postnatal supplements crafted by a team of moms, makes delicious, naturally flavored Regularity Support gummies that include both fiber and prebiotics for gentle relief.

Nix nausea

They might call it morning sickness, but it can strike at any time. And it’s difficult to focus on anything else when you’re in the midst of a nausea bout. The good news is, nausea and vomiting typically ease in the second trimester. Still, there are a few natural ways to relieve this symptom in the meantime. Stick to small, easily digested meals and drink plenty of water. Try consuming ginger, a well known nausea fighter, and be sure to get adequate levels of vitamin B6, which has been shown to decrease early pregnancy queasiness. The Mommy’s Bliss Prenatal Multivitamin + Probiotics contains both ginger and a non-nauseating form of B6, along with probiotics for a happy tummy. When taken regularly it can help curb nausea before it starts.

Fight fatigue

It’s no wonder you’re exhausted. You are making a tiny human after all. But feeling so fatigued can start to get…well, tired. To gain back some of your energy make sure to eat a diet that’s balanced in healthy fats, protein, and carbs. Carve out more time for sleep and get gentle exercise if you’re able. If your body is lacking in iron or vitamin B12, it can contribute to increased fatigue. Be sure your prenatal vitamin is supplying you with adequate amounts, like this the Prenatal Multivitamin + Iron that’s specially designed for energy support from Mommy’s Bliss.

Bring on the zzz’s

Whether it’s leg cramps, heartburn, or trips to the bathroom—a solid night’s rest can be elusive during pregnancy. With studies showing that three out of four expectant mothers experience difficulty sleeping, you’re not alone if you find yourself tossing and turning. Make sure to avoid laying down directly after a meal and cut back on liquids as your bedtime draws near. If you find you’re simply restless and uncomfortable, try to find a practice, like breathwork or a guided body scan, to help you relax. Propping yourself up with plenty of pillows beneath your knees, stomach, and back can also help you settle in for sound sleep.

Remember, if you’re experiencing these symptoms, you’re not alone. However, just because they’re common, doesn’t mean you have to suffer through them. With the support of the unique prenatal multivitamins and supplements developed by the team of moms at Mommy’s Bliss, you can minimize discomfort and feel your best every step of the way.

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