The recipe for a well-rested family

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If a well-meaning person has ever advised you to “sleep when your baby sleeps,” you may have laughed at such a farfetched concept. Recent research shows that in the first year following birth, new parents lose the equivalent of 44 days of sleep[1]. This means many are getting just barely more than five hours a night on average, which is short as is without accounting for all the wake-ups and interruptions. Even if you technically log more shut-eye each night, you probably aren’t going to feel refreshed without at least six undisrupted hours.

This information shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially if you’re already in the thick of caring for an infant. But what’s most alarming about the research is that many parents continue to sleep poorly for up to six years after their first child is born[2]. Yikes!

What are the ingredients of a well-rested family?

New parents are often desperate to soothe their babies and get them to sleep. After all, if your little one doesn’t rest, you can’t rest, right? And beyond calming a fussy or colicky baby, it’s nearly impossible to tackle your to-do list until they’re out. Also, since lousy sleep can continue to be a problem for years, developing good habits from the get-go is essential.

But in order to get your baby to sleep, you need to figure out how to soothe them. What if we told you there are a few simple ways to get the rest both you and your baby need?

To get that sought-after shut-eye, you’ll need:

  • A smart baby-soothing solution
  • A backup baby-soothing solution
  • The ability to get your baby to sleep anytime, anywhere
  • Foolproof products for safe and sound sleeping

If this sounds like a tall order, we’ve got good news. The genius sleep solutions from Tranquilo are part of the recipe for a well-rested family.

The first-ever baby massager that soothes your baby anytime, anywhere

With the Tranquilo Baby Soothe™ Massager, you can relieve gas and fussiness while helping your infant get to sleep using the calming power of massage. As the first-ever baby massager, its three rotating massagers simulate your gentle fingertip massage, which has been shown to alleviate tummy discomfort and have a calming effect. Plus, it’s super lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

The all-star sleepsuit

Your baby loves being swaddled, but what happens when you can’t use a swaddle anymore because they start rolling over? Well, Tranquilo’s new Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit is the perfect way to transition your baby from the swaddle, muffle the startle reflex, and help them sleep better. This sleepsuit provides your baby with the cozy, secure feeling of being hugged all night long. It’s also breathable with cool mesh panels along the legs, which allows your baby to stay comfortable while they sleep. Plus, the Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit is convertible. Just remove the sleeves, and voilà! You’ve got a sleep vest.

The safe and secure sleep swaddle

You want your baby to sleep safely, but with the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) “Back to Sleep” recommendations, this is easier said than done[3]. With the Tranquilo Safe Sleep Swaddle, you can comfortably secure your tiny tot on their back during sleep while reducing the risk of rolling over. Velcro makes it easy to fasten to both your baby and their crib mattress. The Safe Sleep Swaddle also works great in conjunction with a crib wedge to reduce reflux.

The mat that mimics mama

If your baby is having trouble going to sleep and staying asleep, the innovative Tranquilo Soothing Mat is for you. It’s the first portable, vibrating mat that mimics the sounds and motions of a mama’s womb to immediately soothe infants the way they were soothed in mama’s belly. This truly unique product has four vibration levels and two heartbeat modes, and it can be used in a crib, bassinet, portable sleeper, activity mat, or any other safe sleep spots.

Natural solutions inspired by moms

All Tranquilo products are inspired by the ways infants are naturally soothed to sleep. Inspiration comes from how babies were cozied up in their mamas’ wombs — which was like a spa! With Tranquilo soothing and sleep products, your baby will be soothed to sleep so you can get the rest you crave — or tend to anything else on your list. When your baby rests, you can do the rest.™

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