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Consider this before you talk to your healthcare provider about birth control

If you want to start using birth control or if you’re interested in switching to a new method of birth control, we’ve got good news — and more good news! And if you’re taking the pill or have an IUD, add it to your Ovia profile

Know your options before you talk to someone about birth control

The first bit of good news: there are many birth control methods for you to choose from. Whether you are selecting an option for the first time or hoping to switch to one that’s a better fit, it’s likely that you can find a method that accommodates your needs. Your first step should be to speak with a healthcare provider and make an appointment to figure out a good fit. They can talk you through all of your options, answer any questions, and, if necessary, give you a prescription or schedule placement of a long-acting option.

Tips for talking with a provider

There are a number of different types of providers that you can speak with. You can work with your primary care provider, an OB/GYN, a certified nurse midwife, or a nurse practitioner to learn about your options. And you can do so in any number of different settings — like at a hospital, a private medical practice, a health or family planning clinic, or a community health center. Find a provider that you feel comfortable with at a convenient location.

Be honest

You should speak with your provider honestly about your general health, your period and your cycle health, your medical history, your lifestyle, and if or when you have any plans to have children. If you feel uncomfortable disclosing certain medical or sexual history, (for example, abuse or previous abortions) that is okay. It can take time to develop a trusting relationship with a provider. It is very helpful to talk about any experiences you’ve had in the past when taking birth control. Birth control isn’t one size fits all — when you are open about your needs and concerns you are more likely to find a good option!

Talk about your priorities

Does it make sense for you to take a pill every day or would you like to opt for a longer lasting option? Do you want something that will help you manage your period? Is effectiveness at preventing pregnancy your top priority? Make sure you talk with your provider about what’s most important to you.

Ask questions

Your provider is there to help you learn more about your options and ensure that you leave feeling good about the one you’ve chosen. You don’t need to have all the answers, so ask any questions that are on your mind and ask for clarification if anything is unclear. Do you want to know more about side effects? Or about how to use the method you’ve decided on? This is the time to ask away!

Choosing a birth control method is a very important — and very individual — decision. Speaking with a provider you trust is the best way to get started.

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