Book MinuteClinic appointments through your Ovia app

Ovia offers support and guidance as you track your cycle and learn about your health. And now, Ovia can help you schedule appointments with nurse practitioners and physician assistants! You can book an appointment at a MinuteClinic near you, through your Ovia Fertility app, for select women’s health services.

There are 1,100 MinuteClinic locations, inside select CVS Pharmacy and Target stores across the U.S., staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants specializing in family health care. So, if you’re looking to start or change your birth control, you can now find a MinuteClinic, schedule an appointment, speak to a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, and get a prescription if clinically appropriate.

Just open your Ovia Fertility app, tap “more” in the bottom menu bar, and then tap “Birth control from MinuteClinic at CVS” to find a clinic in your area. You can find a complete list of all the women’s services here.

Find a MinuteClinic near you through the Ovia Fertility – and you can expect:

  • Access to all MinuteClinic’s women’s services: schedule a birth control consultation or get treatment for a UTI
  • Easy scheduling: find a clinic near you through your Ovia app!
  • Clinics open 7 days a week: at night and on the weekends, with same day visits
  • Acceptance of most insurance and affordable prices for those without

Patients can book an appointment in advance at — schedule yours now!


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