Your prenatal checklist

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If your doctor has prescribed a prenatal vitamin (like Vitafol®Ultra, the #1 prescription prenatal), you can rest assured that you’re receiving a formulation that’s right for you and your baby. These days, you can even get your prescription in an easy-to-take form, like Vitafol® Gummies — the first and only prescription prenatal gummy. Vitafol® offers a free 1-week sample of Vitafol® Ultra-FirstStep or Vitafol® Gummies-FirstStep through their FirstStep program. Click here to request your gummy or softgel sample and get free shipping as well!

Being familiar with the essential nutrients in prenatal vitamins can help you feel more confident when talking to your doctor or selecting your own bottle at a retail store or online. But since we know that scanning the labels can quickly become overwhelming, we created this checklist of essential nutrients to help you get the right nutritional support.   


Folate is of the utmost importance for healthy brain and spine development. Also known by its synthetic version, folic acid, experts say it’s never too early to start taking this B vitamin. 

The recommendation is to supplement with at least 600 micrograms of folate per day. A prescription prenatal like Vitafol® Ultra offers a full 1 milligram of folic acid in a unique form called Metafolin®, a patented, biologically active form of folate that’s more easily converted by the body. 


When you’re pregnant, you need to consume more iron to send fresh blood and oxygen to your growing baby. But not all forms of iron are created equal. The elemental iron found in many prenatal formulations can cause uncomfortable constipation. Look for an option like Vitafol® Ultra, which contains a special form of iron that’s easier to absorb and gentler on your stomach.

Vitamin D

Just like you, your baby will need Vitamin D to grow healthy bones, teeth, eyes, and skin. Aim for at least the recommended daily dose of 600 IU to help your little one become strong. A prescription-strength prenatal, like Vitafol®, contains 1,000 IU of this critical nutrient.


This Omega-3 supports your baby’s cognitive and visual development. Most prenatal vitamins source this rich brain food from fish, but for those who are allergic, intolerant, or simply averse to the fishy taste, getting enough DHA can be challenging. Vitafol® prenatals contain DHA made from algae, meaning less risk of mercury contamination and no fishy burps! 


Iodine is another essential nutrient for brain development. You’ll get some of this mineral from iodized table salt, so quality supplements like Vitafol® contain only about 150 micrograms. That way, you’ll easily reach the daily recommended dose of 220 micrograms without going overboard. 

The first step that can last a lifetime

You want to give your baby the best possible start in life. Thankfully, taking a daily prenatal vitamin is one of the easiest, most effective things you can do. Talk with your doctor about the benefits of Vitafol® prescription prenatal vitamins. You can also request a free 1-week supply of Vitafol® Gummies-FirstStep or Vitafol® Ultra-FirstStep by tapping below.

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