How to take your prenatal vitamin without feeling so queasy

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You know that taking a prenatal vitamin is a nonnegotiable. However, popping your pill can become an unexpected daily battle if it brings on bouts of nausea. Since pregnancy often comes with its own tummy woes, the last thing you want to do is upset your already delicate stomach. Here are a few things you can try to make the process more palatable while ensuring your baby gets all the essential nutrients needed to grow and thrive.

Take it with food

Taking any type of vitamin on an empty stomach can make you feel pretty ill. Try to set up a habit of taking your prenatal vitamin with a meal, rather than popping it at whatever moment you remember. This can get tricky if you’re experiencing other pregnancy-related nausea and having trouble eating. If this is the case, don’t exacerbate the problem by taking your prenatal on an empty stomach and definitely don’t ditch your vitamin altogether. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to make your nausea more manageable.

Don’t suffer a bad aftertaste

It’s so important to get your Omega-3’s during pregnancy, but it can be seriously unpleasant if your pill has a fishy aftertaste. Higher quality brands will use a higher quality fish oil, meaning you’ll get the brain-boosting effects without an unpleasant, rancid smell. They’ll also be specially designed to help mask any lingering scent. When it comes to palatability, one brand that stands out from a sea of competitors is UpSpring’s Prenatal Complete Softgels. They provide optimal levels of Omega-3 DHA and 20 other essential nutrients with no nauseating fishy burps.

Try a different time of day

Sometimes during pregnancy, you’re more prone to queasiness at certain times of the day. If you can’t stomach your prenatal vitamin with breakfast, try taking it at night. Listen to your body and see if there’s a pattern, then fit your vitamin in where it feels best. And if your daily dose comes in more than one pill, perhaps try splitting them up throughout the day.

Find a vitamin that’s designed to be digestible

When it comes to digestion not all prenatal vitamins are created equal. Some are designed to work with your body to ensure smooth, effective delivery, while others might sit uncomfortably in your stomach. UpSpring’s Prenatal Complete Softgels are designed to deliver all the essential nutrients your baby needs at the recommended levels while still being easy to digest. Wherever possible they include forms of nutrients that are friendly to the body (i.e. non-constipating iron and active folate) and easy on sensitive tummies!

The bottom line

While some degree of nausea is often part of pregnancy, don’t resign yourself to needlessly suffering. Try out some of these tips and if your current prenatal vitamin just isn’t cutting it, consider making a switch. Your well-being is of the utmost importance—right now it also includes your baby’s!

UpSpring’s Prenatal Complete is a best-in-class prenatal multivitamin packed with 20 superstar essential nutrients in an easily digestible softgel. Every ingredient is thoughtfully hand-selected by a team of scientists and medical professionals and included at the optimal recommended levels for prenatal care. Tap the link below to learn more.

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