Why Clearblue ovulation tests are different

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It’s true: not all ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) are created equal. In fact, some are little more than a test strip that you’re asked to pee on. Here’s why we recommend you test using Clearblue.

Personalized results

As you approach your fertile window, your body will begin to produce more luteinizing hormone (LH) which signals that ovulation is about to happen. How large this increase is can differ from one person to the next, which is why Clearblue ovulation tests have a reusable, digital holder that tracks your individual hormone levels.

This makes Clearblue more personalized than other tests, and will help you precisely pinpoint when you’re ovulating

Easy to read

When you’re trying to be precise, a slightly faded line on a test strip just won’t do. Clearblue is really unique in the way they give you your test results. When you use a Clearblue test, the digital display will show clear results as either an empty circle, or an easy-to-read smiley face.

Something we really like about Clearblue is the fact that they support all their products with proven science. To make sure that women can accurately read their tests, they performed a study comparing the readability of several leading ovulation tests*. Their results showed that 1 in 4 women can misread a line ovulation test, whereas almost none misread their Clearblue digital tests.

That simple smiley face might seem unimportant, but it’s a really valuable tool for making sure you’re getting accurate results.

The most accurate way to track

You’re using Ovia, and that means you care about accurately tracking your cycle and identifying your most fertile days. Saliva tests, basal body temperature measurements, and even cervical fluid analysis can all leave room for human error. Hey, nobody’s perfect!

Logging your results from an ovulation predictor kit, especially one with results as easy to read as Clearblue, is the most helpful way to solve your fertility puzzle.

If each piece of data you enter is a single puzzle piece, then an OPK is the picture on the front of the box that you’re trying to build. You could solve the puzzle without it, but having it will make things a lot easier.

Integrates with Ovia

Perhaps best of all, your results from a Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test can now be tracked in Ovia. When you enter your OPK results, you can track peak fertility days, making your future ovulation predictions a lot more accurate.

Tap the button below to find out more about the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test.

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* In a UK study of 72 women reading ovulation test results typical of normal cycles (2010)

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