Bonding with your baby before birth

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You know that your little one is in there, but sometimes they can feel so far away. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can connect with your baby, long before you’re finally able to give them snuggles and kisses.


By 20 weeks, your baby can taste the food you eat, and may actually develop food preferences based on your diet. Some moms find that their baby starts kicking a lot after eating something particularly spicy, or after indulging in lots of sweets.

Don’t worry, those kicks after a spicy meal aren’t because your baby is in pain — it’s your little one developing a love of curry and salsa!


Believe it or not, your baby actually starts developing hearing at 20 weeks and memory at 30 weeks. Several studies have shown that not only can your baby hear in the womb, but they can remember voices and melodies. That makes sound a fantastic way to bond with baby.

You can share soothing songs and voice recordings with baby using Bellybuds from our partners at WavHello. Bellybuds are specialized speakers designed to attach right to your bump so you can safely share music with your baby in the womb. Sign up for the WavHello newsletter to learn more about how sound can enrich your baby’s life.

Wearing Bellybuds is like spending all day at a dance party with the perfect partner!


A recent study showed that when you rub your belly, Baby responds in a lot of different ways – generating more reaction than any other stimulus. Touching your abdomen makes Baby move their arms, head, and mouth. When you find yourself absentmindedly rubbing your belly, you’re actually creating powerful bonds with baby.

If you feel a kick, give Baby a touch. If they kick back, they’re responding.

Engage your partner:

You aren’t the only one who wants to bond with baby. When possible, include your partner or close family in your bonding moments. Let them feel Baby kick, and give them plenty of opportunities to massage your belly while they talk to Baby.

Bonding can be particularly difficult if you and your partner have to be apart, or you have long-distance loved ones that can’t come spend time with your bump. That’s when Bellybuds is a great option. Record a voice memo, or learn about the WavHello Voiceshare service to send special messages that you can play for your baby with your Bellybuds.

Calm and stress:

Your baby doesn’t feel emotions yet – at least not exactly. But when you experience stress, relaxation, or a whole range of other emotions, your body does release certain corresponding hormones. Those hormones can pass through the placenta and affect baby’s mood.

A great way to make sure you’re staying calm and relaxed is with gentle music, and if it works for you, it will work for your baby to. Put on some soothing tunes, stick on your Bellybuds, and you and baby will be experiencing some much needed zen in no time.

To learn more about Bellybuds, and how music can help you bond with your baby, tap the button below to sign up for the WavHello newsletter now!

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