5 ways to protect your newborn’s delicate skin

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That flawless bundle of cuddles you’re waiting to hold will be a bit softer than you, with sensitive skin that’s wonderful to touch but easily irritated. Here’s how you can help take good care of it.


With all the diaper changes and spittle cleanup, you’ll be wiping your baby down pretty often. Bathing is healthy, but it removes protective oils from the skin which can lead to dryness. With your newborn, you might want to consider an every-other-day bathing routine.


It can be a good idea to wash your infant’s clothes separately from yours. Many detergents contain optical brighteners and synthetic fragrances that may irritate baby’s skin. Yet alternatives exist that can get even the yuckiest messes clean without these added chemicals.

Consider using Seventh Generation Free and Clear detergent made for sensitive skin, free of fragrances and optical brighteners, for every load, and especially the ones with onesies.

What you cover them in

Diaper rash is something your little one may experience at one point or another. If the diaper your baby uses holds moisture against the skin, has ingredients that may cause irritation, or even if it’s just a poor fit, you might see a rash develop.

Our partners at Seventh Generation make an awesome diaper that’s clinically proven to be gentle on your baby’s skin. It is super absorbent and keeps in leaks like you’d expect, but is also free of chlorine processing, added fragrances, and lotions, and contains fluff that’s sustainably forested. Check out their new designs featuring adorable animals from the forests their manufacturing practices protect!

You can learn more about about Seventh Generation Free and Clear diapers by tapping here.

Sun protection

For the first six months, it’s recommended that you don’t use sunscreen on your baby’s skin. Instead, try and keep your little one shaded. Adorable sun hats will be your new best friend!

When you go for walks, aim for times when the sun is rising or setting to help limit exposure. Shorts and T-shirts may be fine for you, but keep your newborn fully covered when possible. Look for light fabrics to provide full-coverage in the summer time.

Leave zits alone

You might find that your baby develops a little acne. This is typically caused by hormones in their system that they got from you while in the womb. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

Unlike how you might handle your own pimples, resist the temptation to pop them. Sometimes this can lead to scarring. Instead, just make an extra effort to keep the affected area clean and dry. The acne should clear up in a few weeks.

Your baby’s skin will be soft and oh so kissable, but it’s also delicate and needs a bit of extra care and attention. Learn more about our partners at Seventh Generation, whose diapers and wipes are all “Designed to be Kind™” plus their Free and Clear laundry detergents are made for sensitive skin. Their products work effectively for your home and your growing family’s needs, and are designed with the planet and future generations in mind.

Tap the button below to learn more about Seventh Generation diapers, and while you’re at it, take a look at their laundry detergent and gentle baby wipes. They’ve spent over 25 years formulating their plant-based products, and are a brand that’s worth your time.

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