babytula style quiz

Quiz: Which Baby Tula print fits your style best?

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Our partners at Tula make beautiful and versatile carriers which provide an ergonomic way to create bonds between you and your baby. They have tons of gorgeous prints, and this quiz will help you find one that’s right for you.

How will you and your baby mostly get around?

Public transit
Walking or biking
A car on the small side
A serious mom-mobile

What are you looking forward to about babywearing?

Going on adventures!
Sharing smiles all day long
Kisses. Anytime, anywhere.
Other caregivers getting to bond

Which would you rather debate?

Marvel vs. DC
Vogue vs. Cosmo
Beach Day vs. Snow Day
Netflix vs. Hulu

Which word pair inspires you most?

Subtle beauty
Funky fresh
Chic sensibility
Super strength

You’re carrying your baby, you have two free hands, what are you doing?

Helping take care of your baby’s sibling
Typing away
Finding new things to show your baby
Cooking something delicious

What do you hope your baby’s 5th word will be?


‘Make sure you answer the quiz questions first!’
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