Quiz: What’s your culinary style?

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Do you pride yourself on your kitchen prowess, or is your best culinary move hitting “defrost?” Take this quiz to pinpoint your approach to the kitchen, and get a few user-friendly ideas to reinvigorate your meals.

What is your primary motivation for cooking at home?

It’s simple and cost-effective.
You enjoy creating and experimenting.
It’s easier to eat nutritiously.
Someone else is doing the cooking.

On Sundays, you usually make this for breakfast:

A visit to your favorite cafe
A green smoothie
Eggs, bacon, french toast…

What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

A blender
An instant pot
A microwave
A stand mixer with all the attachments

You’re suddenly craving brownies, you:

Make a quick run to the bakery
Whip up a grain-free, sugar-free batch
Break out the baking mix
Enjoy making them from scratch

It’s your best friend’s birthday, and you’re planning dinner. You:

Have the food delivered so you can focus on decor
Wonder if anyone will notice the cake is gluten-free
Make all their favorite foods yourself
Make a reservation at their favorite restaurant

If you could hire one person to help with dinner every night, you’d choose:

Someone to gather your lengthy ingredient lists
Someone to deliver takeout
Someone to create your nutrition plan
Someone to handle the prep work/clean up

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