Protecting tiny teeth starts earlier than you think

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You can begin protecting your baby’s health before they’re even born. Your oral health affects your baby’s overall health from the start — yes, from the first time you feel those little kicks. That’s why dental visits during pregnancy are so important. Your dentist will make sure you’re free from infections or cavities that can spread to your baby before and after they’re born.

Starting regular dental visits early will set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Here’s how to make those appointments earlier and easier:

  • Talk to your dentist. Making appointments can be difficult with a busy schedule. See if your dentist can work around your schedule, like offering weekend or early evening appointments.
  • Consolidate your appointments. Add your dental appointment to the same place you’re tracking and scheduling other prenatal appointments. It is, after all, part of prenatal care!
  • Get connected. If you don’t already have a dentist, this trusted DentistLink tool can help connect you to a dentist that takes your insurance (including Apple Health).

Have an appointment coming up?

Screenshot or download these 3 questions you should ask your dentist about your oral health. Have them handy at your next appointment!

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