Protecting tiny teeth starts earlier than you think

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We don’t need to tell you your baby’s smile is important — that you already know. But what you might not know is that oral health care starts early — with the very first tooth. Dentists and pediatricians recommend scheduling your baby’s first oral health screening with a dentist or doctor by their first birthday.

Creating a dental care routine while they’re young helps prevent tooth decay, saves money, and sets your child up for a lifetime of good health. Here’s how to make those appointments earlier and easier:

  • Ask about flexible scheduling. Making appointments can be difficult with a busy schedule. See if your dentist can work around your schedule, like offering weekend or afternoon appointments or joint appointments for your kids.
  • Happy Birthday! For your baby’s first birthday, give them the gift of a lifetime of better health. Set a reminder on your cell phone to make an appointment a few weeks before their big day, and turn the visit into a celebration.
  • Act it out. Talk to your child about what to expect at their dental check-up. You can even dress up and play pretend!
  • Get connected. If you don’t already have a dentist, this trusted DentistLink tool can help connect you to a dentist that takes your insurance (including Apple Health).

Have an appointment coming up?

Screenshot or download these 3 questions you should ask your dentist about your oral health. Have them handy at your next appointment!

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