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Putting together your registry makes one thing apparent — babies need a lot of stuff. But this is your chance to ensure you have everything you need to welcome your little one home and allow excited loved ones to help out.

When it comes to your list, there are the essentials you know you need, and then there are the details you’d only dream up once you’ve been through months of diaper changes, feedings, and baths. So we’ve compiled a lineup of registry gifts that will get you ahead of the game — and make your seasoned-parent friends complain, “Why didn’t I have that?”

From money-saving multi-taskers to easy-to-clean essentials with a little something extra, these innovative products will take your parenting to the next level — and keep your sanity intact.

Shed some light on late night diaper changes

Most new parents navigating middle-of-the-night diaper duty have to make a strategic choice: thrust everyone out of sleep mode by flipping on a bright light or grope around for the necessities in the dark. But before you start practicing blindfolded diapering, consider adding this bright idea to your baby registry:

Skip Hop’s Light Up Diaper Caddy features a touch-activated light in the handle to illuminate diapers and wipes without bothering sleep-bleary eyes. We love the handy pockets, easy-carry design, and classic look, but it’s the prospect of getting back to bed with less frustration that has us over the moon.

Avoid the diaper pail trap

While we’re on the topic of diapers, let’s talk diaper pails. These odor-trapping disposal systems help the nursery stay fresh — a much-appreciated convenience when you’re changing close to ten diapers a day. But many popular diaper pails require you to purchase special refill bags. It’s a detail that seems minor until you run out and can’t just pick them up at the grocery store. Or, you start to notice how all those fancy bags eat away at your budget.

Rather than adding yet another item to your to-do list, choose a diaper pail that lets you use regular old trash bags. We love Skip Hop’s Nursery Style Diaper Pail for its space-saving design and parent-friendly storage elements. Plus, it’s easy to clean and fits most standard kitchen trash bags.

Choose grow-with-me versatility

A well-designed play station can be a life-saver for parents. Not only will it keep your little one occupied, but it also helps babies learn and develop essential skills. That being said, many baby gyms are a bit of an investment. And it’s amazing how fast babies outgrow those tiny infant seats.

We’re all about getting the most for our money, so we’re excited about Skip Hop’s Silver Lining Cloud Activity Center. It starts as an action-packed, swiveling seat for babies, then transforms into a cruising play station once they’re on the move. Finally, when your little one reaches toddlerhood, it morphs into a sturdy table with a plastic chalkboard surface.

We especially love the imaginative Discovery Window™, which lets babies see the colorful piano keys at their feet to help them learn about cause and effect. And the eye-pleasing color scheme is a big win for our home aesthetic.

Minimize mealtime stress

Sitting down for family mealtime can be a great bonding experience. But it can be hard to get a bite in yourself unless your baby is comfortably tucked into their seat. Even then, you may find yourself bracing for a major cleanup as you watch your little one joyfully making a mess.

Most high chairs are designed to hold your baby and a tray of food — and that’s about all. However, a high chair that goes the extra mile will help feeding and cleanup go smoothly. Skip Hop’s Sit-To-Step High Chair goes even further. Not only does the seat recline in three angled positions for infant feeding, but the tray insert and seat cover can be easily wiped clean or removed for machine washing. Plus, you can pull the chair right up to the table to encourage togetherness at mealtimes.

Best of all, the Sit-To-Step High Chair converts to a toddler kitchen helper as your baby grows. With its space-saving design and beautiful beechwood accents, you’ll be glad to keep this helpful piece around for a long time.

Take new parenting to the next level

Becoming a parent is an adventure. You may find yourself continually surprised by what comes more naturally than you imagined while also facing challenges you never saw coming. The right baby gear can help minimize frustration, give you back precious time, and make life feel just a little bit easier.

Skip Hop’s award-winning products offer smart solutions for new parents who have enough on their plates. They‘ve reimagined essential items with innovative features that delight babies and lighten parents’ load. Plus, everything is designed with your home decor in mind.

But don’t just take our word for it. Browse any item on Skip Hop’s site, and they’ll tell you exactly how it’s made better than the rest. Tap below to start building your dream baby registry today. Or use code MADEBETTER1 to save 10% on your first order if you just can’t wait!

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