5 key stroller features for adventure-loving parents

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Baby gear can be burdensome and bulky. Not ideal for parents who like to be on the go with their little explorers.

Thankfully, new advancements have helped some strollers make the leap off the sidewalk and into the world. Here are the key features to look for in a stroller that can blaze the trails with you and your baby.

Go-everywhere wheels

Little wheel, big curb — just imagine that for a moment. The wrong set of wheels can leave you struggling with your stroller over every sidewalk crack, let alone patches of grass or mud.

When it comes to an all-terrain stroller, wheel size matters. According to top stroller-maker Bugaboo, larger tires are a must-have for smooth strolling. That’s why they designed their new Bee 6 with bigger-than-average tires that handle curbs and terrain changes with ease.

Shock-absorbing suspension

You can see your little one’s eyelids getting heavy. But a rattling stroller is keeping them from sleep — resulting in one seriously cranky baby. Rather than wincing after every crack or divot, invest in a stroller with a sound suspension system so your baby can sleep peacefully.

The Bee 6’s advanced 4-wheel suspension makes rides more comfortable for both you and your baby. The extra shock absorption provides a smooth push — even one-handed — so there’s no need to sweat those bumps in the road (every adventure has them).

Easy-fold design

A lot of adventures begin and end in the car. The last thing you want is to waste time struggling to get your stroller in the trunk.

Bugaboo kept adventurers in mind when designing the Bee 6 stroller. Its compact size easily maneuvers in busy areas and tight spaces. Plus, it folds effortlessly with one hand and is a breeze to carry in and out of the car or up and down stairs. Best of all, the integrated self-stand allows it to stand independently wherever it’s stored, so you’ll still have room for all your outdoor gear at home.

All-weather comfort

Rain or shine — some adventures just can’t wait. You need a stroller that will keep your kiddo cozy in any weather. Look for features like sun protection, canopy coverage, ventilation, and temperature-control fabrics.

The Bee 6 checks all the boxes with its UPF 50+ sun canopy with a breezy peekaboo panel. There are extra ventilation holes in the seat, and the breathable mesh fabric keeps babies comfy and cool on warm days.

Safe sightseeing

You want your little one to be able to see the world as you stroll. It’s the best way to start sharing your sense of adventure early. The Bee 6 gives your baby a panoramic view, while the rotating bumper bar makes it safer for them to point out interesting shapes and sights.

Ready for any adventure

Bugaboo makes the ideal partner for any family adventure. We love that folding, storing, and pushing their strollers is just as easy as falling asleep in them. And because they spend years developing, testing, and refining their strollers, we know we’re getting a high-quality, exceedingly safe ride. With a stroller ready for any discovery, your child can grow into a happy and curious individual while always feeling safe and cozy. Tap below for a closer look!

Explore the Bee 6

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