A person using their laptop and wondering if it may impact male fertility.

Will my laptop hurt my fertility?

No – not for women, anyway. Because the ovaries are well insulated inside the body, the heat from a laptop or any external source is not likely to be intense enough to raise core body temperature and damage egg production.

The laptop and male fertility

However, for men the story may be different. Since testicles are located outside of the body, they are more vulnerable to being exposed to external heat than the ovaries. When a laptop is placed on one’s lap, the heat can raise scrotal temperatures by a few degrees. This elevation in temperature is not healthy for sperm production and can affect both the quantity and quality of sperm. This can also hurt the shape and size of the sperm thus limiting its probability to fertilize the egg. It has also been suspected that laptops using Wi-Fi can emit radio frequency waves that can affect the sperm’s ability to swim and alter genetic code.

While more research is needed on the effects, it is better to be safe than sorry. Instead of resting his laptop in his lap, encourage your partner to place his computer on a hard surface or use some form of barrier like a pillow or lap desk. Men should also avoid anything else that can heighten scrotal temperature including hot tubs, saunas, hot baths, and even briefs when trying to conceive.

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