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The ultimate period quiz

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Very few women enjoy “that time of the month,” but could you be among the 1 in 5 women who is affected by heavy periods?

Heavy periods are problematic, but they don’t have to be permanent – in fact, there are many solutions for managing heavy periods that don’t involve major surgery or hormone-altering medications. Take our Ultimate Period Quiz to help you determine whether your periods are considered “heavy” and if it might be time to seek help from your doctor.

The Ultimate Period Quiz

This is a quiz to help you determine if you have heavy periods – simply check every box that applies to you, and click ‘Submit!’

Does your period usually last longer than seven days?

Do you need to change your pad or tampon more frequently than every two hours?

Do your periods make you feel extremely tired or fatigued? (A little bit is normal, but we’re talking about excessive exhaustion)

Do you notice large blood clots in your flow?

Have you been diagnosed as anemic?

Do you ever miss work, school, or social events because of your period?

Do your periods make it difficult to exercise or even get out of the house?

Does your flow sometimes leak through to your clothes on your heaviest flow days?

Have you ever had to cancel an appointment or change plans because of your period?

Do your periods cause you a great deal of stress?

Do you have extreme cramps, bloating, or other period symptoms?

Do you have to avoid any types or colors of clothing when you’re on your period?

Have you ever been treated for heavy periods in the past?


For more information and support on heavy periods, the ChangeTheCycle blog is a great resource. Tap the button below to learn more!

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