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As you might know by now, getting pregnant isn’t always as easy as some well-timed babymaking, and plenty of people need a bit of a boost. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) like IVF and IUI can help couples conceive, but often at a heavy cost of time, money, and intimacy. The Stork OTC home conception aid is here to change that.

What is cervical cap insemination?

Cervical cap insemination is a form of assisted reproductive technology that uses a small cap to collect semen before placing it directly next to the cervix in the hopes of fertilizing the egg. Cervical cap insemination is perfect for those who struggle with low sperm count, poor sperm motility, an unfavorable vaginal environment, or unexplained infertility, as it gives sperm cells a much easier path to the egg.

What makes The Stork OTC different?

Although cervical cap insemination has been around for years, it is traditionally performed at a doctor’s office.The Stork OTC home conception aid is a specially designed cervical cap for home use that helps boost your chances of conceiving, no matter where you are in your journey to pregnancy, without losing any intimacy.

The Stork OTC is composed of two parts: the condom-like sheath called the “Conceptacle,” and the “Applicator,” used to place the semen next to the cervix. Before sex, have your partner put the Conceptacle on like he would a condom, and then it’s time to get down to business! After sex, remove the filled cervical cap from the sheath and place it on the Applicator, before inserting the Applicator into your vagina much like you would with a tampon. Then simply leave it there for about 6 hours while you go about your daily business.

Is The Stork OTC safe?

Yes! The Stork OTC home conception aid is completely safe for home use, cleared by the FDA. Cervical cap insemination has documented success rates of between 10 and 20%, so whether you’re experiencing a fertility issue or just want to optimize your chances of conceiving without dealing with medical offices and a loss of intimacy, The Stork OTC home conception aid is the perfect tool for the job.

Although these home conception aids might not work for everybody, it’s worth giving some a shot if you’re having trouble or just looking for a boost. To find out more about The Stork OTC home conception aid, tap the button below. You can even take $10 off when you purchase in store, or online, at CVS. Just use the code STORKOTC10.

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