Overview of your fertility health plan benefits

Your health insurance isn’t just for covering doctors’ visits–it often gets you free or reduced price goodies. Some of these benefits are specific to fertility. Usually, all you have to do to access them is to complete a simple step, like registering online or submitting a form.

Below we sum up some of the best pre-conception perks you’re likely to have under your health insurance. If you’re interested in getting a particular benefit, just search the web for your health insurer’s name and the benefit itself (e.g., “name of insurance company” and “gym reimbursement”) to find out how to claim it.

Fitness reimbursement

Gym memberships can be expensive, but your health insurer will probably pick up part of the bill. Most insurers will cover the cost of a few months of your gym membership, depending on where you’re a member and how much it costs. In some cases, you could save hundreds of dollars. Being in good physical shape is one of the best things you can do to boost your chances of conceiving and starting a healthy pregnancy. Doctors recommend getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily to manage weight and avoid weight gain-related conception issues.

Weight loss benefits

It can be dangerous to lose weight during pregnancy, which makes it important to reach and maintain a healthy weight before conception. Studies show that women who are overweight and lose body fat are likely to improve health of their babies as well as increasing their own chances of conception. Through your health insurance coverage, you’re most likely eligible to receive reimbursements for certain weight loss and diet programs, like Weight Watchers, or hospital-based weight loss programs.

Alternative therapies

You deserve a little pampering while you’re trying to conceive, especially because anything that significantly lowers your stress could increase your chances of getting pregnant. With your coverage, you can save on alternative therapies from in-network practitioners nationwide. Commonly covered or cost-reduced therapies include massage, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, meditation, and more. Because these therapies can soothe tired muscles, energize your body, and boost your emotional health, many insurers recognize that easing your tension is a worthwhile investment.

Quitting smoking

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to miscarriages, premature birth, and low birth weights. Smoking and even secondhand intake can negatively affect your fertility chances and your partner’s sperm count. To give your future child a healthier start to life, it’s critical to quit a tobacco addiction as soon as possible. Through your health insurance coverage, you’re likely eligible for tobacco cessation programs and resources that can guide and help you in becoming tobacco-free.

Folic acids supplements

Getting your daily intake of folic acid can be a big fertility booster, as it helps to prepare your body for baby development and decreases the risk of many birth defects. You can get your daily intake of folic acids naturally, but folic acid supplements are a way to ensure that you get the daily amount you need. Most health insurers cover folic acid supplements when you’re trying to conceive. That’s one less thing you have to pay for!

Infertility treatments

One in eight couples have trouble conceiving and sustaining pregnancy. Roughly 44% of women diagnosed with infertility seek treatment, and roughly 65% of those who seek treatment ultimately get pregnant. Treatment for infertility conditions varies widely by state, but many states and health insurers cover some or all assisted reproductive technologies and treatments, including IVF, artificial insemination, and Clomid and other drugs. Check with your insurer to see what’s covered in your particular state.

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