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Nutrients you need to conceive

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Everybody knows about the importance of pregnancy nutrition, but did you know that there are certain vitamins and minerals you should take even before getting pregnant, and that there are some which can increase your fertility?

Women may get some of these nutrients from their diets, but not all, and not necessarily enough. Experts recommend that those who are trying to conceive supplement their diets with a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin like Premama Essentials + DHA. Some supplements, like Premama Fertility, can actually raise the quality of your eggs and improve your chances of conception.

Taking a daily supplement improves your overall health, can increase your fertility, and will fortify your body so your baby has a great start right from day one!

  1. Omega 3s (DHA)
    “Fatty” and “acid” aren’t words that normally describe good things, but put them together and you’ve got magic! Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and ALA are known to help promote healthy reproductive functioning and are also very important for baby’s brain development during pregnancy. Omega 3s aren’t found in many natural sources besides fish, so it’s a good idea to supplement your fatty acid intake with a vitamin like Premama Essentials + DHA, with more DHA than you’re likely to find anywhere else. Premama Essentials + DHA also has a refreshing citrus flavor so it makes a great mixer in juices.
  2. Myo-Inositol
    Insulin is a hormone most well known for regulating blood sugar. However, it can also affect ovulation. Myo-Inositol is a naturally occurring substance that belongs to the B-family of vitamins which has been shown to help regular insulin. It also supports hormone balance, ovarian function, egg quality, and can regulate your cycle. Myo-inositol has also been shown to be very helpful for women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Premama Fertility is formulated with Myo-inositol to help increase your fertility. It’s a flavorless powder supplement that you can drink in water, juice, or in your favorite smoothie. If you’d like to try a free sample, you can tap here.
  3. Folic acid
    Possibly the most well-known of the fertility vitamins, folic acid is the synthetic form of the naturally-occurring folate, a member of the B Vitamin group. Folic acid/folate is responsible for helping to build every cell in the body and is crucial for a baby’s brain development in early pregnancy. Pregnant women need between 600 and 800 mcg during pregnancy. Folic acid is found in most prenatal vitamins, like Premama Essentials + DHA and certain supplements like Premama Fertility.
  4. Vitamin B6
    Also a key fighter of morning sickness, Vitamin B6 is crucial for ensuring healthy progesterone levels and long luteal phases so a fertilized egg can implant. Vitamin B6 may be found in some natural sources, but it’s best to supplement.
  5. Iron
    Although iron is primarily responsible for building new red blood cells, it’s also needed to regulate ovulation. Research has shown that women who take iron supplements are about 40% less likely to encounter ovulatory infertility. Iron can have some not-so-fun side effects like constipation, however, so women may want to look into Ferrochel Gentle Iron, found in Premama Essentials + DHA, which is highly digestible and leads to less constipation.

Proper nutrition is central to any fertility-boosting diet, and often your regular meals and snacks just won’t be enough to get all your body requires, so stock up on a supplement like Premama Essentials + DHA. If you are struggling with fertility, or would like a bit of a boost in the quality of your eggs, consider trying a free sample of Premama Fertility. All Premama products are drinkable powders, so you can kiss horse pills and constipation goodbye.

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