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4 home conception aids you should try

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On paper, it would seem like getting pregnant is the simplest, most fun activity in the world – all you have to do is have sex, right?

Unfortunately, many couples find that getting pregnant “the old-fashioned way” just isn’t working, and so they seek a bit of extra help.

1) The Stork

The Stork home conception aid gives couples a way to use cervical cap insemination–a tried and true form of assisted reproductive technology (ART)–in the comfort of their own homes. Other forms of ART like IUI and IVF can cost thousands of pounds and require frequent visits to the clinic, but couples who conceive using The Stork do so without a loss of intimacy and frequent trips to clinic.

The Stork uses a condom-like “Conceptacle” to collect semen during sex, and the cervical cap component is then placed on the “Applicator.” Once the cap is closed, the Applicator is inserted into the vagina and up to the opening of the cervix. Once positioned, the cap is left in like a tampon for the next 4-6 hours while you get on with life and wait for nature to take its course.

The Stork home conception aid is perfect for those struggling with a low sperm count or poor motility, unfavourable cervical fluid, unexplained infertility, or simply for those who want an extra boost to their babymaking efforts.

2) Cough medicine

Just to be clear: we aren’t saying to go chug a bottle of cough medicine. However, some evidence suggests that drinking cough medicine containing the ingredient guaifenesin can actually help thin your cervical fluid, making it more optimal for sperm travel. With this method, most suggest taking 2 teaspoons of cough syrup 3 times a day during the fertile window.

Although the science on cough medicine for cervical fluid is still lacking and some may want to skip out on the syrup for other reasons, using guaifenesin for your cervical fluid is something to consider.

3) Ovulation Prediction Kits

One of the most common problems women encounter when trying to conceive is an inability to identify their fertile window (the days during the cycle on which sex can lead to conception). Ovulation prediction kits search for the presence of the hormone LH, which spikes in the 24 or so hours before ovulation. Ovulation prediction kits are perfect for those who have irregular cycles and an unpredictable fertile window.

4) Vitex

Vitex has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years to treat a wide range of maladies, and its fertility benefits are widely recognized. Chaste Berry indirectly helps promote progesterone levels, which can help ensure that you ovulate a healthy egg and that your uterine lining is prepared for a fertilised egg to implant. Chaste Berry may also help women who struggle with luteal phase defects better regulate their cycle, and promote conception.

Although these home conception aids might not work for everybody, it’s worth giving some a shot if you’re having trouble or just looking for a boost. To find out more about The Stork home conception aid, tap the button below.

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