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Fertility tips: Don’t save it up!

A fairly common misconception among couples who are trying to conceive through intercourse is that outside of your fertile window, it’s a good idea to limit how often you have babymaking sex so that your partner can ‘save up’ sperm. This practice can actually hurt your chances of conception, though, first and most uncontroversially just by putting an unreasonable amount of stress on your sex life.

The scoop on sex when trying to conceive

The other thing that’s possible by trying to ‘save up’ sperm is a decrease in the effectiveness of the sperm, as it starts to deteriorate ten or so days after production. If he has a low sperm count, the healthcare professional who assessed his sperm might recommend limiting intercourse to no more than once every other day for maximum effectiveness, but that’s the closest they’ll come.

There isn’t a medical consensus about exactly how much sex makes conception the most likely, but research suggests that as long as you are getting busy within your fertile window, you’re as likely or more to conceive by having sex when you and your partner are in the mood than you are on any specific schedule.

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