A person using a spoon to eat from a bowl of oats and strawberries to represent foods to eat while trying to conceive.

Nutrition to promote fertility

Your body is responsible for regulating thousands and thousands of functions and systems simultaneously and constantly, and it’s most effective at doing this when it runs on the highest quality fuels. Keeping your body as healthy as possible can help maintain a regular cycle and stimulate fertility, so it makes sense for a woman who is trying to conceive to make her diet as nutritious as can be.

How should I eat when trying to conceive?

While trying to conceive, it helps to eat foods with as many high-quality nutrients as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vital antioxidants and minerals that can make you healthier overall, which very often increases fertility. Women trying to get pregnant should also consider folic acid and iron supplementation, as both of these are known encourage fertility.

Women with anorexia or other eating disorders face a higher risk of infertility because the lack of nutrition can disrupt the fragile hormonal balances that regulate your cycle and ovulation. Poor nutrition marked by the regular consumption of sugary and processed foods can also lead to diabetes, which is known to severely hinder a woman’s ability to conceive in many cases. Women with a history of these conditions may want to consult with a healthcare provider about the best way to approach TTC nutrition.

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