OviaU 🎓 Welcoming your little one to the nest — Part 3: Transitioning to the crib

Newborns love a snug, nest-like sleeping space. But as your sweet little egg becomes a fledgling bird, they’ll need a little more room to spread their wings. So far in this series, we explored the elements of a cozy nursery and the benefits of a bassinet. Now, we’ll discuss when it’s time to transition your little one from the bassinet to the crib.

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Determining when it’s time

If your baby grows too big for their bassinet (many have a weight limit), that’s a clear sign that it’s time to move on. Otherwise, they could continue using it up until around six months — as long as they’re not sitting up or rolling over yet. Once your baby reaches these mobility milestones, it’s safest to switch them to a crib.

Easing the transition

If you’ve been using a bassinet built to grow with your baby, like the Stokke® Sleepi™ Mini, the transition from bassinet to crib can feel pretty seamless. Your baby will be able to enjoy the same familiar environment, just with a little more room. 

Using the crib conversion kit, the Sleepi™ Mini transforms into a full-sized crib — with the same cozy oval shape that helps your baby feel secure as well as rails and a perforated mattress bottom for safe sleep. And with the adjustable mattress height and evolving shape, it can continue to grow with your child for up to ten years. 

The in-between time

Often, a baby will grow out of their bassinet before they’re ready to move out of your room at night. So you may end up pushing the crib into your bedroom for a little while. We love that the Sleepi™ has lockable swivel wheels that make moving it a breeze — whether you want to wheel it from room to room or around your bedroom. 

Sleep soundly with Stokke®

There’s no need to lose sleep over the day your baby transitions to the nursery. After all, you’ve set up a safe and snug space that’s filled with love. And with the Stokke® Sleepi™, your baby can enjoy the same nest-like comfort of their earliest days at home as you venture into this new phase together. 

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