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Evereden is redefining multi-generational skincare with science-backed, plant-based skincare for mom, baby and kids. Made by Moms in Medicine.

Clean, natural, chemical-free, green, detox — these words are used interchangeably in beauty marketing, but does anyone really know what they mean? 

As noted by the scientists behind the Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab, “There’s an overload of related claims and buzzwords on product packaging and in marketing — and misinformation about what they mean (or don’t).” 

Evereden’s #NoTox campaign is all about sourcing the best ingredients available within non-toxic skincare; ingredients that are good enough to eat.  

When it comes to safety regulations in cosmetics ingredients, there is so much inconsistency. Take this as a comparison: while the EU has banned over 1,400 cosmetics ingredients, the U.S. has only restricted about 12. In fact, American cosmetics safety laws have remained largely unchanged since 1938 — when the laws were first enacted! 

EU law prohibits animal testing and requires registration of cosmetics products, pre-market safety assessments, and government authorization of nanomaterials (such as preservatives or UV filters). It is the most comprehensive evaluation system in the world. In comparison, registering a cosmetics product in the U.S. is completely voluntary. To this day in the U.S., you can find formaldehyde in nail polish, parabens in skincare products, and coal tar dyes in eyeshadows — all ingredients that are banned in the EU.  

There are some U.S.-based companies taking a stance on safety. For example, Evereden sources high-quality botanicals from around the world (sunflower seed oil from France, Kakadu plum from Australia, grapeseed oil from Spain), to create nutrient-dense, high-performing formulations you can trust for your family.  

By eliminating 2000 potentially harmful ingredients, they’re making safe beauty products and taking (baby) steps to redefine family skincare. Forget the detox, and let’s go #NoTox. 

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