Two smiling pregnant women wearing jeans and a maternity tank top with one hand on their baby bump.

Wardrobe tips for each trimester

There’s plenty to figure out while you’re pregnant — and your closet is no exception. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to maternity style. Everybody experiences pregnancy a little bit differently, and you may find that your needs change from week to week. But there are a few style secrets that can make figuring it all out a little easier. So read on, have fun, and remember: as long as you feel comfortable and confident, anything goes!

First, a feature that celebrates YOU

Your body is undergoing a downright magical transformation and we want you to celebrate! Our new Bump Tracker feature — brought to you in partnership with Motherhood Maternity — lets you upload, caption, and share your bump photos so you can watch your progress unfold before your eyes. It also serves as a time capsule of your best pregnancy looks. Tap the “+” at the top right corner of the app, then tap “add a bump photo” to get started!

Feeling good in the first trimester 

During the first trimester, both you and your body may not be outwardly announcing your pregnancy. But you could already be finding that some of your favorite clothing items are no longer the best fit. Now is the time to put aside any clothing in your closet that’s uncomfortable or doesn’t make you feel good. That way, they won’t even show up as a choice in your day to day. 

If you’re stuck in that space where you’re not quite ready for maternity clothes, but you also don’t want to live in sweats, there are definitely items that can help you bridge the gap. First, we can’t praise a good pair of black leggings enough. They’re stretchy enough for a yoga class, chic with a buttondown shirt and flats, and you can easily dress them up or down. We also recommend raiding the dress section in your closet, which could contain options for all three trimesters. You might favor loose, flowing options early in pregnancy and more form-fitting styles when your bump pops — it all depends on you! 

Transitioning your style in the second trimester

It can be hard to keep up with your ever-evolving body in the second trimester, let alone know what to wear. This period is typically when your bump starts to pop, however, which can make dressing really fun! If you’d like to do some shopping, this is a great time to invest in items that are designed to grow with you, thanks to features like ruching, wraps, and ties. 

As your breasts grow tender or swell, bras will be on your mind. Put aside anything that feels too tight, and prioritize comfort and support. Rather than sizing up in your favorite bra, you may want to consider purchasing a maternity bra, which can better accommodate changes in cup size. Some even double as nursing bras, which would mean fewer purchases down the road if you plan on breastfeeding. We love Motherhood Maternity’s 5-star favorite Seamless Clip-Down Maternity & Nursing Bra for its stretch and support from bump to baby and beyond!

A wrap dress can carry you into almost any social situation, and it’s the perfect solution for postpartum dressing, too — especially if you plan to breastfeed. In addition, a great pair of maternity leggings (or three or four) could become your uniform well through the fourth trimester. Add a pair of maternity jeans in a darker wash, and you’ll have everything from grocery shopping to date night covered. 

Showing off your third trimester 

If you’ve spent time imagining how you’d dress during pregnancy, the third trimester is probably what you pictured. You now have a beautiful bump to show off, however, your range of motion and comfort tend to decline as you approach your due date. 

Bending can get tricky in this trimester, so we recommend a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes. They’re going to be a lifesaver during new parenthood as well. Many women also gravitate more and more towards dresses of all kinds — from flowing maxis to form-fitting, stretchy knits. However, the sky really is the limit with third-trimester fashion. Depending on the season, you might show off your bump in a crop top or bikini or favor a more loose and relaxed, boho look. And if style is the last thing on your mind, that’s okay too. We’re huge fans of a great basic maternity tee (we love the style and value of this two-pack from Motherhood Maternity). 

The secret to effortless pregnancy style

Motherhood Maternity’s maternity and nursing apparel provides the style and solutions an expecting mom needs — from leggings, dresses, and jeans to their award-winning Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra. Save an extra 20% off with code OVIA!

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