a baby with a pacifier in a car seat

Preparing for a long car ride with your baby

It’s one thing to zip to the local grocery store with your baby in tow. But the prospect of an extended car ride can cause some uncertainty. No need to fear though, we’ll set you up for a smooth ride with the right preparation, timing, and car seat.

Plan ahead

If you’re in for a longer journey, make sure to map the route ahead of time. Many apps can even tell you the expected traffic at the time of your trip. You may have to stop every so often for feedings, diaper changes, or to soothe fussiness, so be sure to factor that into your travel plans and keep a relaxed timeline if you can. 

Before you set out, consider where you’ve placed essential items in your car. What do you need within an arm’s reach, and what can be stowed in the trunk? For example, you can probably tuck your diaper bag away, but you’ll want to keep items like toys, pacifiers, bottles, and burp cloths handy. 

Use nap time to your advantage

If you know your baby naps well in the car, plan to travel while they’re usually sleeping. On the other hand, if your baby has trouble sleeping on the go, leaving when they’re fresh from their nap can help avoid crankiness on your trip. Either way, setting up a relaxing environment in the car can make the ride less stressful for everyone. Sunshades, relaxing music, and comfy clothes can all help your little one settle in contentedly. And make sure you feed your baby and change their diaper before you hit the road. 

Choose travel gear wisely

Perhaps the most important part of keeping your baby safe and cozy on your trip is choosing the right car seat. It can also make life on the go a lot less stressful for you. Look for one that is secure, comfortable, and easy to use — like the Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna.

Designed in collaboration with premium car seat brand Nuna, the Bugaboo Turtle Air is a secure travel solution for all your daily road trips and excursions. Its ultra-lightweight design is easy to lift and carry, plus it pairs seamlessly with any current Bugaboo stroller so you can transition from car to stroller and back. And with the sun canopy and smart visor creating a quiet, cocoon-like environment, you can ensure on-the-go naps remain undisturbed. Most importantly, the Turtle Air has been rigorously tested for security on the road. 

Road trips with an infant can certainly be an adventure. But no matter where your journey takes you, with a bit of preparation — and the Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna — you’ve got this.

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