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3 unnecessary first-trimester discomforts

From the moment of conception, a transformation has begun. And it’s not just your new identity as a parent-to-be. Your hormones are now working overtime, which can bring on new symptoms, from breast tenderness and food cravings to constipation and fatigue. From here on out, you’ve got a lot on your plate, both emotionally and physically. Here are three tips to avoid unnecessary discomfort so you can savor these exciting nine months. 

1. Don’t wage a daily battle with your prenatal vitamin

Morning sickness often begins about one month into pregnancy. And contrary to its name, it can strike at any time. While it’s critical to take your prenatal vitamin every day, these sudden bouts of nausea can pose a real challenge. If the size, smell, or amount of capsules you have to take just isn’t working for you, try switching to something more likeable. While it may require a little trial and error, many people find that gummies make a more enjoyable alternative.

SmartyPants makes a gummy prenatal vitamin that’s both great-tasting and fun to take, without any of the artificial stuff you don’t want. They supply over 15 nutrients in their premium forms, including sustainably sourced omega-3s and methylfolate (the form of folate your body prefers and can easily use). Since you’ll actually look forward to taking these gummies, you’re also more likely to remember them every day.

2. Don’t wait until the 2nd trimester to adjust your wardrobe

While your bump might not make its first appearance for a little while, first-trimester bloating is real. That’s because high levels of the hormone progesterone can slow down your digestive system, potentially causing constipation. To help with the bloat, try to eat more fiber, drink plenty of fluids, and incorporate movement into your day. It’s common to find that bloating gradually increases throughout the day, so take that into account when you get dressed in the morning. Don’t set yourself up for unnecessary discomfort because of a too-tight waistband. For that matter, maybe now is the time to banish all your constrictive clothing to the back of your closet. You deserve to be comfortable! 

3. Don’t try to keep up (or ramp up) your usual schedule 

During these early months, it can be tempting to try to fast-track projects and stack your schedule with engagements. But even though your pregnancy isn’t visible, your body is still hard at work developing a tiny human! All that effort takes energy, so be sure to slow down, rest up, and supply your body with the nourishment and nutrients it needs. 

A great prenatal vitamin will have essential nutrients that benefit you as well as your baby. For example, in addition to methylfolate to support brain and spinal cord development and vitamin K for healthy bones, SmartyPants gummies have B12 for energy, vitamin D (in the preferred D3 form) for immunity, and much more. With their adorable gumdrop shape and delicious fruit flavors, they just might be the most enjoyable way to support you and your baby during these extra special early days. 

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