Why do we ask for this?

What happens if I don’t agree to share my data?

We understand that some users may not be comfortable with the data sharing we have requested. If you do not wish to share your data, you will not be able to access Ovia’s premium features. You will still be able to continue to use Ovia’s standard features , available to everyone via the app store. When you use only Ovia standard features, no data is shared with your health plan, your employer, or their vendors.

If Ovia says it will share personal health data for care and benefits management, what does that mean?

Health plans and employers provide you with premium services so that you can manage your health effectively during your family building journey and avoid unnecessary medical interventions. As well as offering resources such as Ovia, health plans and some employers also employ care management teams that reach out to members to help them manage their health. Ovia provides a summary of the health data you have tracked in Ovia apps to health insurers and, if you were prompted to consent to this, to employer health plans and employers with care management teams. This allows care management teams to contact you and to understand the health issues you are facing. The data shared varies between Ovia customers, so if you would like more detail, please send a request to Ovia Support at support@oviahealth.com.  

What care management team would contact me? Is this the same thing as coaching?

Ovia’s health plan and employer customers may use different care management solutions. This is not the same service as coaching, although select sponsors do have care management teams contact members via the Ovia apps. If you have questions about this, please reach out to Ovia Support at support@oviahealth.com, to your health plan’s customer service, or your employer’s HR department.

I am concerned that my employer wants access to my Ovia data.

Ovia only shares health data with employers for care and benefits management. We do not share data with employers for employment purposes. It would be unlawful for an employer to use certain Ovia data (such as the fact that you are pregnant) against you. If the data requested by your employer concerns you, you should reach out to your employer’s HR department.

If Ovia says it will share that I have “engaged with Ovia services,” what does that mean? 

Data that shows you have engaged with Ovia services demonstrates to your employer that you are using Ovia but it does not contain any specific data about your use. Employers and health plans usually collect this data because they offer you incentives and rewards for caring for your health using Ovia, and they are unable to provide you with these rewards unless we tell them of your engagement. Engagement data usually consists of notifying your employer or health plan, or an incentives vendor, that you have downloaded or registered for an Ovia app, that you have taken an Ovia health assessment, or that you have used Ovia coaching services. Note that this does not reveal any health data or which app you have used. The data shared varies between customers, so if you would like more detail, please send a request to Ovia Support at support@oviahealth.com.  

You say “under HIPAA.” I thought this protected my data — can you clarify what you mean by sharing data under HIPAA?

HIPAA is the US health privacy law. It sets out the rules for how health care providers, health plans and other entities may share patient health information. If you are receiving Ovia premium features through a health insurer or an employer health plan, your Ovia data is protected by HIPAA. HIPAA allows health insurers, health care providers, and vendors like Ovia who provide services to them, to share patient data (PHI) for treatment, payment, and health care operations purposes. All of the businesses that are regulated by HIPAA, including Ovia, are required to protect the confidentiality and security of PHI and use it only for proper healthcare purposes.

What are the “premium features” I receive via my employer or health plan sponsor? 

The premium features include unlimited support from health coaches, clinical pathways and wellness programs designed for your needs, personalized insights and critical alerts based on data you log, and more.

Who can I contact for more information on how my data is being used?

If you have questions about how your health plan or employer will use your data, you should contact your health plan’s customer service line or your employer’s HR department.

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