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What can a care manager do for me?

Even with the best medical care and relationship with your health care provider, serious and ongoing health problems can be overwhelming. Your health care provider isn’t the only person who can help you navigate a health condition though. As a CDPHP® member, you have the chance to work with a care manager.

What is care management?

Care managers are registered nurses, social workers, and dieticians who are specially trained to be able to help members manage serious or ongoing health conditions by offering one to one support and advice. Care managers can help with everything from understanding a diagnosis to teaching lifestyle changes and self-care skills for treating and managing that condition. Care managers can also help with education about a condition, preparation for doctor’s appointments, and helping you to understand your treatment options so you can make the right choice for you. 

The CDPHP® Care Team

The CDPHP Care Team can offer support for many conditions, but one of the major areas they focus on is pregnancy. CDPHP connects pregnant women with a high-risk condition to a CDPHP care manager. This allows members like you to receive education and guidance, care coordination, and real, human support as you go through the many months of pregnancy.

A CDPHP care manager will check in regularly, send you helpful educational resources about your baby’s development and pregnancy health, assist with care coordination should you need to see multiple providers on your care team, and help you stay on top of taking your medication among many other benefits.

Working with a care manager can help you feel more secure in your care, knowing that somebody is in your corner to help you have as healthy of a pregnancy as possible from that first positive test through delivery day.

To learn more about the CDPHP Care Team, call (888) 942-3747, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

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