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Everything you need to know about Elvie Stride

Elvie is on a mission to take pumping technology out of the dark ages by making their useful, award-winning gadgets accessible to even more new parents. Well, hello there, Elvie Stride

Okaaaaay, so what is Elvie Stride? 

Just launched on the U.S. insurance market, Elvie Stride is an ultra-quiet, hands-free electric breast pump. It’s designed to move with you and can be worn comfortably under clothing — no more sitting in the broom closet at work, tethered to the wall while you pump.

Built with sound-reduction technology, the Stride blends into the background of everyday noise for truly discrete pumping. You can even connect the pump to the free app and control it remotely, which means no awkward fiddling in your bra.

Got it. But how is Elvie Stride different from Elvie Pump? 

Created by an all-star team of engineers and designers, the Stride offers accessibility without compromising performance. Simply put, it’s the awesome technology of the original Elvie, but available on insurance programs.

It has almost all the features of Elvie Pump, except milk detection. No biggie, though, because its smart design works with the Elvie app, so you can control the pump from your phone and log every pumping session.

I’m interested, tell me more.

✔ Elvie Stride is accessible 

Elvie partners with lots of medical suppliers to provide free or low-cost Elvie Strides to new parents all over the U.S.

✔ You can go hands-free

Worn under clothing, Elvie Stride collects milk in-bra, leaving your hands and body free to move. Just think about what you could do with all that freedom — like peeing whenever you want without having to unplug.

✔ It’s ultra-quiet

It’s built with noise-reduction technology for oh-so-quiet pumping. Two benefits of this? It won’t wake your little one, plus you can go out and about, and no one will have any idea you’re pumping.

✔ It stays connected

You can use the free app to control Elvie Stride seamlessly from a smartphone and manually record your pumping history.

✔ It gives moms complete control

Elvie Stride lets you choose from 10 intensity settings in both Stimulation and Expression modes for optimal comfort and efficiency. 

Liberating parents, one breast pump at a time

Elvie wants as many women as possible to have access to world-class technology — and Elvie Stride is helping the cause, one breast pump at a time.

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