Parenting groups offered through Dell Technologies

Making parent friends might seem overwhelming, but parenting groups could be a great way for you to build your parenting knowledge and expand your social network.

How parenting groups help

Parenting groups can be good for parents and children alike, in the following ways; 

  • Education: In many parenting groups, teachers and professionals regularly give lessons about communication, empathy and other parenting skills.
  • Socialization: Parenting groups can help support young children’s social development as they grow.
  • Support: Parents can ask questions and share tips about child care or being a parent.
  • Resources and activities: Many groups offer things like family events, mom’s nights out, playgroups, access to gyms and other play areas, and more.
  • Make other parent friends: Maybe the most important thing on this list is the fact that you can meet other parents in parenting groups. Making new parent friends can be really hard, and it helps to have friends you can count on, who understand how unpredictable parenting can be. 

Your benefits

Dell Technologies team members can participate in the Family Balance Employee Resource Group, as well as parenting webinars. 

Tap the button below to learn more from the My Well at Dell (Family Central page) website.

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