Your go-to baby registry guide

Preparing for your little one can be exciting and a bit stressful! It’s helpful to plan in advance and figure out what you need so you’re all set to welcome your new addition. Setting up a baby registry is an easy (and fun!) task to check off your list before baby’s arrival. A registry is a great way to let friends and family know what presents you’d appreciate and can be used as a convenient shopping list. Here are some tips to make the most out of your registry.

Get organized

Before you scour the internet and add a million items to your registry, organize yourself so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming. This may seem like a daunting task, but once you’re done, the fun part begins — shopping! First, go through your home, mark down what you already have, and note what you’re missing. You may have items stored away from previous children, or you may have already received some presents. Either way, it’s smart to keep track of everything before you start browsing. Once you know what you need, start your registry by adding items from highest priority to lowest so that you’ve got all the necessities covered. 

To buy or not to buy…

There are so many great products out there that it can be hard to tell what would be best for you and your baby. Having trouble deciding? Babylist can help narrow it down with their expert researched product guides. These guides are filled with unbiased advice on nearly every kind of product. From diaper bags and swaddles to baby monitors and car seats — they’ve got all the info you need. Using these guides, you’ll be able to figure out what baby gear is right for you. 

Get more bang for your buck

A baby registry is also an easy way to make sure you are getting a great deal. All that new baby stuff can start to add up, and it can be tough to budget everything. Babylist has a price comparison tool that shows you the best deals on the items you’ve added to your registry, so you (or whoever is getting the gift for you) can save money. This tool has constantly got your back. It scours the internet and even sends you alerts when prices change. And another great thing about Babylist is that their registry lets you add items from any store on the internet — even specialty shops like Etsy! 

Find what works for you

Whether this is your first baby or you already have children but are looking to try different products this time around, it can be challenging to narrow down what’s best. Trying an array of products or testing some samples is a great way to decide. Babylist’s registry offers a free Hello Baby Box that is packed with product samples and exclusive deals on baby products, so you can test out what you’d want to use when baby arrives. They also have Exclusive Product Bundles that let you try out multiple options for things like bottles, pacifiers, and swaddles to find the one your baby likes best.

Get shopping!

You’re ready to create your registry! Have fun with it, it’s almost like window shopping (except your loved ones get to buy you what you want). 

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