Fertility benefits through Boeing

Many specialists recommend that couples visit a fertility specialist after one year of trying to conceive for those under 35, and six months for those 35 or older. This visit is often instrumental in diagnosing and treating a couple’s fertility issues.

More than half of couples diagnosed with infertility are eventually able to conceive, simply through a bit more trying or with the assistance of infertility treatments that Boeing and WINFertility can help make more affordable.

Your benefits

Boeing partners with WINFertility to offer a Fertility Support Program to those who may be struggling to conceive. This program is part of your benefits, so there’s no cost to you for taking advantage of it.

When you enroll in WIN’s Fertility Support Program, you’ll get:

  • 24/7 access to specially trained nurse care managers who can answer your urgent questions, help you find doctors and listen to your concerns.
  • Referrals to local, high-quality reproductive endocrinologists from your health plan network.
  • Authorizations for outpatient and in-office infertility services.
  • An individualized care plan with treatment recommendations based on your risk level and the success rate of options available to you.
  • Information about the causes of infertility, different treatments and medications, and finding the right doctor for your needs.

If you enroll in WIN’s Fertility Support Program, you’ll also have access to their mobile app, WINFertility Companion. The app allows you to:

  • Communicate with a WINFertility nurse care manager by phone, email or mobile messaging.
  • Privately track multiple fertility-related activities.
  • Set calendar reminders for doctor appointments, taking medications and other medical events.
  • Get discreet alerts, like when ovulation begins.

Eligible employees and their covered dependents are provided 6 combined cycles of Ovulation Induction (Intrauterine Insemination “IUI” Cycles or Timed Intercourse Cycles) and 2 cycles of In Vitro Fertilization “IVF” Oocyte retrievals. The limit applies toward certain medical costs related to fertility treatments, artificial insemination cycles (natural and clomid/letrozole cycles), and medically necessary cryo-preservation with 1 year storage. Specific benefit exclusions may apply, contact WIN for benefit details. The plan also covers medications in support of the medical benefit limit.

To learn more about your Fertility Support Program or to get started today, you can speak with a WIN Nurse Care Manager by calling 833-439-1513, or visiting their website at https://managed.winfertility.com/boeing.

You can download the WINFertility Companion mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play, to take advantage of your benefits on the go. Use employer code “BOE22” when registering to access your specific benefit information

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