How to prepare for your first outings with a new baby

After you bring baby home and settle in, you’ll be excited to take them outside for the first time! But along with excitement may come some worry at the thought of your first few outings together. If you’re getting nervous about what it’ll be like to take your precious little one out and about, read on for some tips to prepare.

Always have necessities packed

It’s a great idea to explore new places with baby, but it can be hard to predict what they’ll need while you’re out. They may get hungry while on a walk, want a pacifier to be soothed, or need a diaper change before they get home. As a good rule of thumb, you should always have necessities packed. Keep basics like diapers, baby wipes, pacifiers, and a bottle with you at all times. Plus, extras like a blanket, a burping cloth, and some hand sanitizer couldn’t hurt. If you’re worried about fitting all that stuff into the stroller, we have just the stroller for you! Bugaboo’s new Donkey 5 stroller has tons of space. The underseat basket and extra side luggage basket can hold up to 44lbs of storage combined, so you can take that extra binkie or baba along without a second thought. 

All eyes on baby

Already looking forward to spending precious moments with your little one? With the Donkey 5’s parent-facing seat, you’ll be able to see them the whole time, easing your mind and strengthening your bond. And, the higher seating position brings you and baby closer together, so they can hear you and be near you wherever you go. 

When you want baby to see the world, simply switch the seat to outer facing. And, as your family grows, Donkey’s duo configuration lets siblings face each other, so they can play together and share experiences as they ride side-by-side.  

Make sure baby is comfortable

Babies want to be comfortable, or else they may get a bit fussy. Make sure baby is nice and cozy, and they’ll enjoy your walks together. The Donkey 5 stroller features soft fabrics and a cozy aerated mattress, so baby can relax. Plus, the new quick-click harness (which closes in seconds!) has shoulder pads, making it one of the safest seats around. And don’t worry about the elements interfering with your walk — the Donkey 5 has a full coverage sun canopy to protect your little one from those harsh rays and a breezy bassinet to keep them cool in warmer weather. 

Go somewhere stroller friendly

It can be frustrating if you plan an exciting adventure with baby only to get there and realize it’s most definitely not stroller friendly. Before baby arrives, stop by some of your usual spots like your go-to supermarket or pharmacy and check out what the stroller situation is like. Luckily, the Donkey 5 is easy to maneuver, can handle bumpy terrains, and is compact enough to fit through most standard doorways – even when configured as a double stroller. 

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 has your growing family in mind. Featuring three unique configurations, easy maneuverability, up to 44 lbs of storage, and more — all while remaining compact enough to fit through most standard doorways – the Donkey 5 is ready from the very first stroll to the very first step. It’s the ideal future-proof stroller for growing families.

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