How to get organized while expanding your family

Whether you’ve just welcomed your first baby, or you’re adding to your growing brood, expanding your family is exciting! With new additions come new memories, new messes, and new milestones. Organization is key to keeping all the moving pieces in your life under control. Here are some tips to organize your life while expanding your family. 

Sort through your items

Having a new baby around is wonderful — and also, chaotic! And with all the excitement of a new addition, it can be hard to remember what you already have versus what you need. To start organizing, go through all your stuff and get rid of what you don’t need. We know this is easier said than done, but once you do it, you’ll feel much better. Sort items by categories to keep, donate, or store. See if you can return unused items and if not, donate them or give them to a friend who’s expecting. 

Ditch items that don’t make sense for your lifestyle anymore. If you had a bulky stroller with a previous child but now need something compact that can expand to fit multiple children, swap it out for Bugaboo’s new Donkey 5 stroller. This stroller was made to grow with your family. It can be configured as a single stroller, double stroller, and even has integrated attachment points for a wheeled board for a third child. 

Invest in space-saving products

Fitting in all the new stuff that comes along with a baby can feel like a complicated game of Tetris. A great way to make the most of your space is to invest in space-saving products. A compact stroller, for instance, will make your life way easier. The Bugaboo Donkey 5 is a great option. With an improved one hand fold, the Donkey 5 is easy to store and then open up when needed. And, when you are out and about, the stroller is compact enough to fit through most standard doorways — even with the double expansion! No more reverse engineering your stroller to simply get through a doorway. 

The Donkey 5 also has a ton of storage space. With the underseat basket and extra side luggage basket, it can easily store up to 44lbs, so you can bring everyone’s extra snacks, toys, and clothes along without a second thought. 

Plan ahead

As your family expands, keep evaluating your space and lifestyle. Make choices now that will help accommodate your family in the future, and try not to purchase items that take up unnecessary space or make life complicated. You can prepare for the future by investing in a forward-thinking stroller.

The Donkey 5 was made to grow with your family and make life simple. All the attachments are easy to add, and you’ll love that it takes up such little space. The stroller has multiple configurations, so baby can face you, face the world, or face a sibling, letting them bond and share experiences while they ride side-by-side. With soft materials and comfortable seating, a safe quick-click harness, and a protective sun canopy, it’s the ideal double stroller. 

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 has your growing family in mind. Featuring three unique configurations, easy maneuverability, up to 44 lbs of storage, and more — all while remaining compact enough to fit through most standard doorways — the Donkey 5 is ready from the very first stroll to the very first step. It’s the ideal future-proof stroller for growing families.

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