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Expecting a VHBaby

Baby on board? Things to start thinking about…

Making plans at work

Connect with your HR Leave Administrator, Tiffany Du, to discuss your time off needs and explore our leave benefits and process.

If applicable, explore our Adoption Assistance benefit​. Employees can be reimbursed up to $5,000 for expenses related to the adoption of a child. Adoption resources are also available through our EAP.

Initiate discussions with your manager regarding the transition of your work while you are on leave. 

Preparing for your baby

Evaluate insurance needs for the baby and your growing family. The birth or adoption of a child is considered a qualifying life event, which allows you to make changes to your current benefits within 30 days of the child’s birth or adoption.

Things to consider

Do you want to stay on your current health plans and add the child as a dependent? Or, do you want to switch to your partner’s health plan?

Note – If you are already on a VHB family plan, there is no additional cost to add the child to your current medical and dental plans.

Review your life insurance coverage and retirement plan and add your child as a beneficiary.

Nursing moms should get acquainted with the Mother’s Room(s) in your office (check Office Nav for room locations). If none is listed, please contact your HR Leave Administrator.

Share a picture of your baby with your team and HR Leave Administrator. 

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