Diaper changing hacks that make every change a breeze

Diaper changes probably aren’t any parent’s favorite task. We’re sure there are things you and baby would both rather be doing, but diapering doesn’t have to be the dreaded chore everyone thinks it is. Whether you’re dealing with a squirmy baby, a messy explosion, or onesie challenges, we’ve got the best hacks to help you deal with diaper duty.

Avoid getting peed on

Nothing derails a diaper change faster than getting peed on mid-change, however, it’s totally avoidable with this trick! Simply place a wet cloth under baby’s belly button before you take off the diaper. This encourages them to pee and means they’ll (hopefully) empty their bladder before you take off the diaper. Bye-bye pee-stained clothing! 

Have special ‘diaper time only’ toys

Most babies don’t love getting their diapers changed — and who can blame them? Being forced to lie still instead of playing doesn’t seem like much fun. You can help make diaper changes a little more enjoyable with special ‘change time only’ designated toys. Make sure these toys are extra exciting and baby will be so distracted that they won’t even realize you’re changing their diaper!

Protect your hands

Using diaper cream on baby’s bottom after every diaper change is important to prevent diaper rash. But it can be hard to clean off your fingers and nails after use. Well not anymore with Baby Brezza’s ingenious Finger Shields. Finger Shields are the first disposable diaper ointment applicators that keep your fingers and nails 100% clean. Just slide the applicator onto your finger, hold it in place with its unique “tail”, apply the cream, and throw away. The diaper cream never even touches your hands! And, Finger Shields are soft and gentle on baby’s skin. Say goodbye to the hassle of getting greasy diaper ointment off your fingers and nails forever with Baby Brezza’s Finger Shields.

Deal with the first poo like a pro

Baby’s first poo is called meconium, and it looks different from baby’s other poos due to its tar-like consistency. Meconium is thick and harder to clean than regular poos. Coconut oil is an incredibly effective way to clean up meconium quickly and easily. You can also use Baby Brezza’s disposable Finger Shields to apply a small amount of coconut oil to baby’s bottom, and they’ll be clean in no time!

Hack baby’s onesie 

Have you ever wondered why baby’s onesie has little flaps at the shoulder? It’s to help make poo explosions way easier to deal with. When baby has a big blowout (and trust us, there will be a few) you don’t want to pull their dirty onesie over their head and create even more of a mess. Instead, stretch the flaps open and pull the onesie down over baby’s legs to protect their head and contain the mess. 

Keep a spray bottle handy

For particularly messy diaper changes, having a spray bottle around that’s filled with water can be handy. This makes cleaning baby’s bum way easier and helps you avoid going through tons of wipes. Don’t forget to apply diaper cream with Baby Brezza’s Finger Shields once baby is clean to help moisturize their bottom and keep their skin healthy. 

Have a diaper change to-go kit

Life with baby is often hectic — so it’s best to always be prepared! Make sure you have a little ‘diaper changing to-go kit’ prepared to grab and go at all times. You should include extra diapers, wipes, a small container of diaper cream, Baby Brezza’s Finger Shields, a change of clothes for baby, an extra shirt for you (in case a mess is unavoidable!), and a portable changing mat. Now you’re all set to change baby’s diaper anywhere, anytime! 

Now that you know all these diaper hacks, you can deal with every diapering situation imaginable. When things get really messy, Baby Brezza Finger Shields have got your back (and your hands)! Learn more about the first disposable diaper ointment applicator that keeps your fingers and nails 100% clean here. 

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