Baby milestones worth celebrating

Every new parent looks forward to celebrating baby’s firsts! Their first laugh, first steps, and first words are all huge moments worth noting, but there are smaller milestones in the life of a newborn that are important to celebrate too! Here’s how to prepare for the small moments with your little one. 

First bath

Baby’s first bath is an adorable — yet nerve-wracking experience! Doctors recommend washing newborns two to three times per week, but since they shouldn’t be fully immersed in the tub until the umbilical cord falls off, a sponge bath is ideal. For the perfect sponge bath, simply fill the tub with lukewarm water, wrap them in a towel and lie them on their back. Then, dip a washcloth in the water and some baby soap and gently clean your little one’s head, neck, and body. Jacadi has some wonderful towels that are soft and plush for baby’s first bathing experience. They also make lovely gentle cleansers and moisturizers for baby’s delicate skin. 

First outing

After bringing your newborn home from the hospital, you’ll probably be eager to go for your first outing together. Go somewhere familiar and close by to start so you can get used to taking baby out in an environment where you’re comfortable.  Make sure you have essentials packed like extra diapers, bottles, and pacifiers. Of course, you’ll want to show off your little one to the world — and you should! You can dress baby in the cutest outfit when you shop Jacadi’s newborn sets. They have timeless bloomers, elegant dresses, and even a precious sailor set! And don’t forget about a sweet hat from Jacadi to protect their sensitive head. 

First hiccups

Some babies start hiccuping in the womb, so many newborns are already familiar with the experience. Most babies don’t love hiccups — and who can blaame them? Although they may be adorable to you, they can be quite annoying for your little one. Some way to relieve hiccups for your newborn includes sucking on a pacifier, feeding, or giving them gripe water. You can prevent hiccups by burping baby more frequently while they are feeding. Jacadi has versatile lightweight cotton cloths that you can use while burping.

First smile

Most newborns smile between 6-12 weeks, and you may be anxiously awaiting your little one to flash those gums! Babies smile to communicate with you and when they smile, it’s a sign that their vision and cognitive development are improving. You can cheer baby on and get them to smile by lightly tickling, making funny faces, or bringing them their favorite toy. Jacadi has sweet plush toys like soft bunnies and cute giraffes that will quickly become baby’s favorite. Keep in mind that the first time they smile it may just be a reflex or gas but that doesn’t make it any less exciting!

The first time they play

At about 4-6 months, babies really start to interact with the world around them and start to play. A great first toy for baby to play with is a soft rattle. Baby will be intrigued by the noise, and they can work on their ability to grasp by shaking it. Jacadi makes soft rattles that they can use safely while improving their motor skills. 

First cuddles

At about 6 months old, babies will start cuddling up with you and reciprocate your cuddles. Mark this amazing milestone with cozy Jacadi pajamas or a soft blanket that will make cuddles with baby even more snugly.

Jacadi is here for each of baby’s milestones. From the first bath and smile to their first outing or playdate, these adorable newborn gifts are the perfect addition to any occasion.

Celebrate every moment — big and small — with Jacadi!

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